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🔥Two Mintonette teams attended the 2019 AAU Nationals and both teams are coming home National Champions! Way to rep…
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RT @TrollFootball: Man Utd: +£15m add-ons for Wan Bissaka if we win the Champions League Crystal Palace:
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RT @BarcaUniversal: 🖌 - Lionel Messi's all trophies as a professional: Club: 4x Champions League 10x La Liga 6x Copa del Rey 8x Super…
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Quiero ir a ver a la champions liga y nadie me acompaña, estoy sufriendo
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Mixed Tag Team Championships coming Me and My Baby Sasha Domsha for Mixed Tag Team Champions
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@mirondo9 Si quieres que aparezca en las eliminatorias de Champions, Cristiano Ronaldo y si quieres que aparezca con su selección, Mbappé.
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RT @BadmintonPanAm: Pan Am players from 🇧🇷 🇨🇦 🇨🇺 🇬🇹 🇺🇸 and 🇵🇪 won medals at Peru International 2019🏸, held in the venue of the next…
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RT @James_Carroll84: Want some more Champions League final content you haven't seen before? UEFA have released a brilliant short film a…
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Ptdrrr c'est fut champions
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Rebecka Jansson becomes the sixth new signing for Täby. The Swedish champions sending out a very clear message to t…
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RT @Phil_Lewis_: Asked if the newly minted NBA champions would visit Trump's White House, Toronto Raptors' Danny Green said it would…
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【カーナビでカラオケしてみた】  We Are The Champions / Queen 20171027 #Metaleaman #カーナビでカラオケしてみた
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Congats to the Underclass New England College Showcase champions GBG Northeast Hawks beating AP Academy 7-3.
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RT @DoentesPFutebol: 32 anos do maior da geração: Messi 🎂 🏆5x Melhor do Mundo 🏆6x Chuteira de Ouro 🏆3x Melhor da Europa 🏆4x Champions…
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RT @FutFemdelMundo: #SWE Hedvig Lindahl parando un penalti decisivo. Está libre y quiere jugar en un equipo Champions League. 📞
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「グランドトーナメント-CHAMPIONS CUP-」の予選を絶対に突破して本戦に出場するぞぉ~! #スカイロック
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RT @drdishbball: Champions are built in gyms with no one watching 🏆
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RT @drdishbball: Champions are built in gyms with no one watching 🏆
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RT @FIFAWWC: A brave performance from @SeFutbolFem, but the champions progress! #ESPUSA 🇪🇸🇺🇸 #FIFAWWC
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RT @MUYMadridistas: Una temporada mala como ésta, debe hacernos valorar que hemos ganado 4 Champions en 5 años, 13 en total. Es increíb…
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