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RT @ConversationUK: "As scientists, we use emotive words carefully. But our open letter calls on the EU to take urgent action because w…
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RT @Phartyymerh: "At the end of the story, there's always a lesson being taught. Listen carefully to it again".
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RT @ChrYFischer: . “Value Selling. Behind every customer objection is an important message for you. Do not judge and answer prematur…
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RT @KizziahKurt: kung ako? ako lang naman tu ha.. opinyon ko lang naman. at lahat tayo may sariling opinyon. wag na muna mag movie K…
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Genuinely enjoy seeing all the carefully curated outfits commuters wear to work on a Friday. Fuck athleisure, life…
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@scarfedicicle Before even answering her, he walked approaching her as he then carefully and slowly took the tray f…
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RT @L0vingnature: The kindness of a good heart, shows through in how gently and carefully, we treat animals❤
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RT Startup_Nerd: How to Extend Your Team with #Remote Employees: - Choose remote employees carefully - What softwar…
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RT @eranudturan: Broke: deadlifts, squats, presses, carefully tracking and logging weights to check progress Woke: CAMEL
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RT @misayeon: Tzuyu: We’re working hard to prepare the comeback. Nayeon: All the members worked so hard. I love you Mina! Jeongye…
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88756: Stationary Vehicle on N3 Eastbound after Ramp from Ashburton. Left lane closed. Drive Carefully
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RT @nuriyliamalek: Untuk doctor di luar sana, kerja baik baik. Jaga diri walaupun tak cukup rehat tak cukup tidur, drive carefully💕 P…
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RT @robinthirdfloor: I’ve listened carefully to the feedback and observed the stats for this song and this is me saying yes I heard you…
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RT @SethAbramson: 37/ NOTE: I'm going to say something now that I can't believe I'm going to say... but the next tweet is really one…
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@Jimwhit69 No drawing, just carefully laid on clean cloths as it came out, but awaiting one new gear (teeth worn at…
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RT @steadyredarmy: Look carefully 😉⤵️⤵️⤵️😁
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RT @TigNotaro: my skincare regimen to slowly press a plush white washcloth to my flesh, carefully removing all the makeup from onl…
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RT @Andromeda_JY: Listen to this UAE minister very carefully. I totally agree with him.
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RT Roadworks: N3 to DBN at ST James Avenue right lane closed; Drive carefully; .
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RT @Andromeda_JY: Listen to this UAE minister very carefully. I totally agree with him.
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