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B.C. Lions sign Canadian LB Konar. MORE:
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RT @nytimes: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's strategy for winning re-election? Ignore the plummeting polls, defend his…
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RT @EcoSenseNow: The only leader of a Canadian political party who calls out the “Climate Crisis” hoax. That’s real leadership, whil…
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RT @KTrevorWilson: Americans keep telling me to “stick to Canadian politics” Well asshole, we have right wing idiots up here too tryin…
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RT @mikeandike9990: Tragically hip are legit great and meaningful contributors... But you wanna talk canadian cultural heritage look a…
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RT @HuhneChris: @DanielJHannan Yippee! Think Canadian Conservatives in 1993: went into election with majority (total 156 seats) and…
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BBQ at Filipino Canadian Association of Niagara, until 8 pm, at Holy Rosary Hall, in Thorold.@niagarafolkartsfestiv
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RT @Othman_theman: Interviewer: so you need a Canadian visa , why? Me:
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RT @ProlificPrep: “Prep Schools” still promote kids on their team next year that reclassified already in high school. Doesn’t matter…
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RT @UN_Women: As we prepare for #WD2019, the world’s largest conference on gender equality to be held in Vancouver, Canada on 2-6…
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@cdnbiz: These are the top 25 jobs in Canada this year #jobs #employment
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RT @NotPickleRick: If men got pregant, you could go to your local Canadian Tire and get an abortion with Canadian Tire money
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@Jennife90117914 Yes. But the Canadian cocktail includes a sedative hypnotic. Problem is that w/ rocuronium paralyt…
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@GeraldKutney I find they usually retort with the 'every climate scientist is a US/Canadian government shill so the…
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RT @cshell_eh: Irish man, came on an open work permit, married a Canadian and started a family, denied permanent residency. Can't…
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@cspan @RepAOC @AOC In the 60s, Canadians were subjected to the same self-serving arguments from drug companies. Th…
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@zandravandra canadian netflix really do be like that
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ひぃぃぃ…😱 GeoとCanadianいてよかった
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Busting into the Canadian rations 🇨🇦🤤 #KraftDinner #KD #MacAndCheese #MacaroniAndCheese #CanadianExPat #CanadianInUK
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