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if you sound like this call me
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RT @EmmanuelTuanya: You call a man Lion, he would be happy, buh call him an animal he gets angry, am confused here biko, is a lion not an animal?
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RT @TheOnlyMommaG: My mind: girlfriend we’re 25 let’s fucking party .. My body: you’re 46 bitch.. what the fuck are you doing?? My liver: someone call 911
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Special Holiday Offer in #Dubai... Stay at the Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira Prices starting from just Rs.22511 (4 ni…
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RT @muhdnaimmustafa: Cikgu call mak budak ni, cakap anak dia main air kat sekolah.Mak dia anak dia main air sikit-sikit je. Sekali dia b…
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RT @Prison4Trump: Do these so call professionals work for trump? If yes, the American public is betting they are lying like Will Bar…
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Can’t even call myself a rockie I’m still learning but trust me give me time & be patient with me while I work in t…
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@jlandpcustserv I submitted a complaint on 4th June via email. I got a call from the Leeds store about the complain…
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RT @BoycottUtah: It is Tuesday, June 18, 2019. One citizen, I call for the resignation and or impeachment of Donald J Trump as Presi…
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RT @IntrovertsGTL: Want to improve your Monday? - Say “thank you” to a veteran - Call your parents - Write down 3 things you’re grate…
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I was about to gossip with my bestie on video call but their signal is horrible. #ldrproblems
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RT @tweet2012_13: @MrsGandhi Ma'm, I noted you always call him Kejri instead of Kejriwal, if someone call you Gand instead of Gandhi, then? @PrashTwitting
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i call u mine
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Why didn't anybody call shenanigans on Theranos much earlier?
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Can i call u danish? It’s cuter. — Ah okay... who are you btw?? Mine DM??
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RT @SimonFParker: Run it down. Say it’s failing. Pay a sockpuppet ‘think tank’ to call for it to be privatised. I think we’ve all see…
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RT @fyne_fii: Just call and order for all your sneakers!! 🔥🔥🔥 #sneakershopingWithRansfordcloset coming soon. WhatsApp…
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@SalosMetalStrip I’ll call you in to investigate the situation, Pink Panther.
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RT @bld4needy: #Vellore TN #BloodMatters B+ve #Blood #Urgent #Need for Mr.Raunak Chourasia at CMC Pls Call 09123206021 or 0888842…
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久しぶりのBO4!! 良かったら来てねー(^O^) #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4) #CODBO4 #COD #BO4 live at
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