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@ellle_em I make pickled carrots and boiled eggs every sunday and keep a cucumber around. buy a loaf of whole wheat…
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RT @_AdukeAde: Take me out, I'll buy take away to go and eat with @greatwhizz10. Make me laugh and I'll share the joke with…
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RT @Quandu: #Nanotech News: Ready to upgrade your rig? Gaming laptops from Razer, Asus, Alienware and more are on sale at Best…
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Someone will see this picture now and be like "aww! Kampala is the trend now?" ... Shockkkerrrrr!!! 😂😂Coman buy kam…
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RT @celiiiana: My mom always tries to squeeze into my LV sandals since the day I got them so I decided to buy her her own pair for…
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2 tickets to Tony Bennett at Royal Albert Hall - London, 29 Jun, less than face value, £60 each. Buy & sell with pr…
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For anyone going to sell/buy a house. Don’t. Can’t handle the stress
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RT @Rhythmtrader: In a single year, the top three banks made: $1.1 billion in ATM fees $2.3 billion in maintenance fees $5.4 billion…
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@TheAlexisKraft @CoachGraff34 If that’s the case. Just buy the seasons off of the Apple TV. Will forever have it on…
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RT @TomChivers: Sawfish look like they don't buy your bullshit excuses
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I’m a Courageous Cruncher! What type of Cruncher are you? Buy a pack to find out #CrunchyNutShazam
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Here's what's NOW PLAYING on (click to listen) When I Get Home [Demo Session] by The Hassle…
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RT @RealOmarNavarro: Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $57M in Taxpayer Money as Reparations to LGBT Couples Maxine Waters says white peop…
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Told myself I wasn’t gona buy a lot of sneakers this year like I did last year and were in June and I’ve bought a pair a month so far🤦🏽‍♂️😭
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Enter a competition now what do you have to buy a new battery and stand a chance to win your purchase am…
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@WhiteHouse When will you learn that some things you cannot buy? Not everything is a business
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@SteveCotterill3 I'm still unsure how the endgame is meant to work. When we are all unemployed, how do we buy the robot's output?
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RT @wirecutter: After 20+ hours spent researching and testing Keurig machines, we recommend that you buy literally any other coffee…
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RT @DearAuntCrabby: Auntie would love to buy her a beer!
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some of y’all using REAL money to buy packages ???? could never be me
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