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RT @jessphillips: Just another example of a creeping dictatorship where an over zealous and xenophobic government tries to bypass our…
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RT @BrettWRLD: You ever spell a word right but that shit look weird asf ?
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America was built on Judeo-Christian principles - now, the leftists want to erase not only the foundations, but the…
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Good morning 😘 Sadly holiday is over and I have to go back to work 😔 but there are so many vids and pics from last…
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ok but can we talk about hoseok’s lyricism and how y’all did hope world’s lyrics absolutely dirty and how hoseok is…
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RT @AfricanChild___: The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you.
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RT @nafmz97: L left Woollim but Taecyeon's case might be possible for Infinite too. Remember Taecyeon left JYP BUT STILL part of…
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RT @krungkrungVirus: "i still love him but i dont have a choice."- Song Hye Kyo to Song Jong Ki (2019) "my husband had a changed of hea…
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RT @MarkSKrikorian: You can almost feel the ChiComs' frustration -- they'd love to gun down 30 or 40 thousand of these troublemakers as…
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RT @SGAG_SG: same same but different
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RT @katieporteroc: No one handed women this right - they marched and demonstrated and fought for it. It took decades of struggle, but they won.
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RT @jokesuk: I got thrown out of McDonalds this morning. The girl serving me was an absolute stunner and she told me she could…
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As kiri is preparing the food, he attempts to strike up a conversation but he can only think about one thing and th…
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@WolvezyFN @foxzyxx @SevenSevenClan Woah i was just joking around but now someone's big mad.
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Multilingual is no more a choice but must-have feature for both #B2C and #B2B platforms in market like #India. We…
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RT @ohh_cinthia: Yeah Jung cooks hair is amazing rn but i really want this >:|
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Sarcasm is not an attitude but it's an art. And all aren't artists You get it 💁‍♀️
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RT @choi_bts2: Some possibilities about Jhope’s solo LA trip. @BTS_twt 1. Promotion of Collaboration with US artist which is not…
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