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RT @what_now_ffs: @LouiseGrace12 @Kimberfan76 Ah yes but to some people the value of language can be lack of clarity. This is useful…
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RT @JoJoFromJerz: Republicans want the Bible taught in school and Anne Frank’s diary banned. But please go on about who’s doing the grooming won’t you?
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@Makintamie That building shouldn’t have been stopped anyways, they would have built it to standard by slowly worki…
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RT @Konfident_Pearl: I’m really proud of Thomas and the way he explained it to Hope but i would choose violence every time, i wouldn’t b…
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RT @ExileGrimm: It's very funny that the general American perspective is that centralized economies are inherently slow and sluggis…
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RT @authordwhite: @DrewNextD00R I’m usually with jokes but this ain’t it. She could have been in bed rest, had a rough pregnancy, pos…
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RT @Meowed: The chances of your cat stealing your man are low, but never zero #meowed #meowedofficial #TheMeowedClub
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RT @impulseSV: PSA: Starting a comment with "I don't want to be that person, but..." or "No offense, but..." just means you are ab…
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@PFDonato WIP=Eternal Inflame The world is in grips of a very bad day as something called 'Unluck Day' has arrived…
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@LeotheGreat19 I don’t see it but I am still on the first book.
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@Rogpod13 @bigblackjacobin @j_knifed I’ve used it on sandwiches as a condiment too, since I’m vegetarian they were…
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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Bombshell emails reveal that Trump's Secret Service learned of a threat to Speaker Pelosi days before Jan…
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ABC has a NASCAR problem but it's not what you think
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RT @IAmSteveHarvey: You are never given a timetable for when your dreams and visions are going to come, but you have to keep plowing for your dreams.
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RT @selcukogutcu: Barely touching drops give shivers So do skins in their own breeze And one should undergo shallow breaths Eyes may…
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@dikesmarshfarm @ADB0806 @agronomist_ben Still available Richard. Has been one of our biggest selling hybrids. Now…
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@DWUhlfelderLaw But not mature enough to to vote or drink! Have these people parented. It is so much harder than drinking or voting.
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@TStorm106 It's a Dead man tales ornament, sorry but it's already been debunked. The ornament has shown up as classified multiple times now.
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@thearisenroses i wouldn't go quite that far but it is really making me feel for these buildy bois
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RT @qwofyelement: Chale I be Christian paaa but how can the cedi recover by prayers?
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