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@ManojKu21119271 @foxstarhindi @khiladiAmit09 Bhagwan bachaye iss film ko..hope ki akki sir ka 10-20 min ka cameo ho bus 😌
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RT @trav_allen: More Forest info. DO NOT GET ON THIS BUS. 12 tribes is a cult.
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RT @50cent: 👀I would have said get up BITCH! the vacation is over. 🤨😠😤 you nasty motherfucker I should send ya stank ass back o…
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Muller was the Democrats Salvation, he didn't produce so now they will throw him under the bus.
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@asmashirazi bus aaisa he smjein "show ka kaya hai bdqismatee sy hr Anchor apnae mafadaat ya Maalik ke policy pr ch…
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RT @Info5Chile: ⚠️#Iquique Camino a Collahuasi Video de Momentos Antes de que Bus Volcará con Los Mineros Auxiliar Avisa que Bus va…
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RT @Cute_N_Squish: I don't care where this bus is going, I'm getting on.
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We’re waiting for our bus driver to get directions. There is no technological solution this deep in Queens. It’s the law of the jungle now
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Ok I need to talk about how cursed ™ this picture is to me because this is literally the street I run down like onc…
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大船駅バス停11時台(平日)の時刻表です。 00公田 00八景 05本車 08上大 10みど 15本車 17上之 18桜木 20公田 20八景 28上大 30湘循 30本車 37上之 38桜木 40公田 40八景 45本車 48上大 50みど 57上之 58桜木
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RT @bountytx: A fake sexual assault charge by a homely nutjob, bogus claims about treatment of migrant children who should be on…
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@JesseFFerguson I turned 18 on 8/2/84 and have been pissed off about this ever since. I will feel vindicated if Mue…
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Watch on the bus.
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¿Se recuerdan que Un brocha de un bus está acosando a mi novia? La cosa es que ella llego al punto que le da tanto…
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@CluelessMickeyC @NYPost_Mets Thursday day after a night game. And Friday because he’ll be stiff from the 2 hour bu…
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RT @Marcocalcio22: When I was a kid: Inter were in NYC, I went to go get my Nonno, who's an Inter fan a signed ball, I showed up late…
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RT @UtdIndonesiaBDG: Bagi teman2 yg mau ikut aksi bela MU hari sabtu nanti, kita buka trip ke old trraford naek bus, Titik kumpul di tol…
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