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RT @DT_Essex: Lassie has definitely perfected the head tilt & puppy eyes combo! 😍😍😍 who could resist? Beautiful Lassie is lookin…
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RT @WTroostEkong: We can put an end to neglected tropical diseases (#NTDs) that affect over 120m Nigerians by ensuring that people se…
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RT @DCKennard: Saudi Arabia also threatened to bring terrorism to the streets of London ("another 7/7") unless the investigations…
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why can't i just bring red rocks to the east coast w me UGHHHHH
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RT @kconusa: #KCON19LA ARTIST HINT #1 🤔 Who do you think this is? Comment below! [NEXT] Bring this tweet to 1,000 RTs to unloc…
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RT @AaronAdajar: God didn’t bring you this far to just leave you out. He is with you.
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#BernieSanders2020 What we are fighting for is to bring people together—Black and White and Latino, Native Amer…
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RT @Everyone_heart: @FIFAMobileDev -Dont rank up player please, upping OVR with TXP is so hard this season also coins too hard to colle…
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RT @jdleavitt15: My sisters are in danger! Please rt and bring my sisters back!!
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RT @The_Gospels: Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life. -Proverbs 22:4
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RT @AudreyKitching: Get back to who you were before it all. Remember your dreams. Bring your true passions back to life.
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かっこいい BiSH / stereo future [BRiNG iCiNG SHiT HORSE TOUR FiNAL "THE NUDE"]@幕張メッ... @YouTubeより
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Good luck to Megan😎 who is competing in the USATF U20 meet in Miramar , FL this weekend. The top javelin throwers i…
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@AnfieldHQ @DeanJonesBR Wait ooo hold guys can't we see real Madrid even after they won the UCL 13 they are still s…
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80% of downtime is due to human error. Don't let someone's bad day bring your business to a screeching halt!…
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RT @tataschimmy: not to bring up old wounds again but remember when taehyung said "I'm sorry I'm always on the receiving end" to jim…
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RT @fornourd: [Help rt] Taking order for @chanyeolit slogan SSFW Kit 🌸🌴🍁⛄ No ems fee since I'll bring back directly from Seoul ✨…
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RT @jdleavitt15: My sisters are in danger! Please rt and bring my sisters back!!
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RT @alorahnin_: Seyi law once made a statement in one of his shows when people were expectin Wizkid cos d dj played fake love, he s…
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RT @xanime___: my card got declined at mcdonalds for a hot n spicy mc chicken and i didn’t bring any other money with me so i had to leave
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