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RT @General_Oluchi: This Twitter space with Peter Obi is far better than any inauguration happening tomorrow. Agbado boys k!lling them…
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@lfcads2001 @Salfordsf1nest @UTDkaiiii @premierleague you’re not allowed to talk about UCL mate. You’re azerbaijan…
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RT @CB618444: In Commiefornia @CIFState runs interscholastic sports & stands 4 EQUITY 🤬 They threatened to stop the meet if the…
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@wumaufu77 Aww thats ok, i know whats its like i can never keep up on here 😂how amazing were the boys , so proud o…
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RT @FindingDore: @BrandonLuvsSofi @EdwinDroom @DearRebelAda @STILLTish My daughter is a swimmer. Good standard. Best female swimmer.…
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RT @proud_mom629: Did I go and see The Little Mermaid by myself because none of the boys were interested? Yes. Did I buy a light up…
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RT @50_Shades_Of_Zo: Stop Messing With Those Boys Get You A Lady
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Send to your father, tell him to drop something for the boys.
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Just here for the ratio, Emma. 😉 "Trans girls and women" are actually boys and men - biological males - and as such…
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RT @MrOlu_18: Last game of the season. Let’s get the FA 🏆 boys! #MUFC
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RT @2003r83: ・サマパラ:8/10~30 【嶋﨑斗亜】【ら】【関西ジャニーズJr7人】が公演 ・大阪松竹座:7/30~9/3【西村拓哉】【ら】【19人】【Boys be】【AmBitious】【選抜メンバー】によるOne Another
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@SFShock 1 map boys. Have fun and give us 1 map please! #WINNABLE
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@SweatyClarence @GreyBeardGG @Rasoolio_ @Wiiloo974 @Leoxyyyy_ Good shit bro, hopefully you boys secure it
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RT @Shuravf90: My take of the female versions of the East Blue boys. #ONEPIECE
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RT @NHLFlames: Gold for the boys 🤩 In addition to Weegs, Toff and Looch, our own Sean Kelso and Kent Kobelka have captured 🥇 with…
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RT @JackObinyan: As from Monday, EFCC should leave Yahoo Boys alone...You cannot be smoking Canadian Loud (trafficking drugs, riggin…
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RT @SodiqTade: Datti is making mouth to keep boys angry here of which baba don set to replace Buhari's portrait with that of Tinubu tomorrow for Baze Uni.
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RT @fugaistenshi: Lil かんさいの夏✍️ 東西ジャニーズJr.ドーム 7/16、17京セラ 8/19、20東京 関ジュ夏松竹「One ANOTHER」 7/31~9/3 Lil かんさい、Boys be、AmBitious(各選抜メンバー) 西…
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Why would she miss me when there’s many pretty boys already exist
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Boys without SSCE certificates will remove money from locked USA bank, something that Zenith Bank manager cannot do 😂😂😂
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