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@DarthKansasCity @LanceTHESPOKEN Cost us a Super Bowl. Robinson and Sutton cost us at least 2.
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@springthorpeman @rapalert6 Do your research; she was at the super bowl, put out a album & documentary, the R&B gir…
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RT @ssmith3553: Troy Aikman was with the Cowboys seven years before he won his first Super Bowl and won it in Arizona Dak Prescott…
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The two teams were the first picked from the bowl in this morning's qualifier draw
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This oatmeal, soup and ramen diet is just not cutting it for me. I’m getting a chipotle bowl for lunch 😩
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Kitty stop intentionally spilling the water from your bowl!!!
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RT @jasonintrator: In my grandmother’s memoir The Unforgotten she speaks repeatedly of Nazi officers and officials in the early to mid…
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RT @TMUOnWonderTour: 🎥| Shawn Mendes holding fans hands during “Summer Of Love” • Live from Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA • We Can S…
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@BruceIronsNFL Tommy must have FMO. You know missing out on a winning team. He has more divorces than Super Bowl wins.
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@aproko_doctor I just chop fufu and ogbono soup 😩😩 and na bowl i take wash hand 😭😭.Never have I tasted germs this s…
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RT @Mamboibiza: Have you tried a Mambo Poké bowl yet? 😍🥗 Don't miss out, book your table today!
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@LanceTHESPOKEN Greg Robinson was the worst defensive coordinator in Chiefs history. This offense was incredible wi…
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RT @menace4oe1: @Blerdybynature Mf clean da bowl , “just like mom makes it …not a ounce of seasoning “ smh
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@DevinWhite__40 Should have won Super Bowl MVP.
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RT @jdog90: All men can #break, she said. She sprinkled grains of pride into the bowl. Her customer sat silently. Usually, thei…
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RT @jbartlett79: @colinpurrington @getpestie Oh perfect, this is exactly what we need—an adorable new D2C company using aggressive p…
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