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So on a lowkey if men no cheat, Dem for never born most of ona last last 😂😂😂
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RT @JNRdeyforyou: Baby born in Nigeria “No be this country I sign up for mistake dey somewhere 😭😭”
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👏🏽 to those that weren't born with a silver spoon, never had a wealthy family or a business to catch them, someone…
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RT @kirarahimee: in my born to die/ultra violence phase
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 May 1898 | A Polish Jewish woman, Sara Fiszler, was born in Rzeszów. She emigrated to Belgium. In September 194…
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@DFBbear @ClubBayern So you were born after mauerfall?
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RT @thelastofthelou: A God was born . . . 🙏🏿
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RT @FredosRippleEF: My daughter finally got to come home yesterday after 2 weeks in the NICU (born at 34 weeks) My almost 2 year old s…
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RT @Post_USM: I am a southern born white man (north GA, US). I have a wife, 4 kids (12-20), 2 big dogs, a small farm, and multipl…
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RT @dusttodigital: Happy birthday to Bob Dylan, born on this day in 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. Here he is performing “Shelter from the…
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This👇puts everything in perspective & highlights the ignorance, immorality & hypocrisy of the Republican Party! Onc…
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Now for some theory: Modern lizards are simultaneously born with their texts.
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best known for her development work across the globe. She passionately advocates for the girl child education espec…
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@Djklunk It is about color, it’s always been about color. Who are you trying to kid? What glue are you on? We weren’t born yesterday. 😒
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RT @tristan_claudia: No follow up questions in Spanish allowed. No statement in Spanish. How are the abuelos going to get the immediate…
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RT @aoChanDayo_05: おすすめされたjammingのVol5聴いてこよー❤️ #JO1 @official_jo1 With Us Algorithm 僕らの季節 Walk It Like I Talk It YOLO-konde Move The…
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RT @WilliamsRuto: It is sad. Evans Mutisya was a jovial, diligent and passionate young man committed to the Hustler Nation. Born in M…
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RT @andrew_b72: @socialbunbun @MissBeeYagoda @JasonRMJ @LSDShadhoeLady I'm queer, I'm almost 50 it was used against me time and tim…
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RT @festivalbharat: .@ukilaw Pakistan-born barrister & theologian Khalid Umar ji explains how the Udupi hijab 'media event' was design…
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RT @Kpopmap: The Most Handsome Male Idols Born In 1988-1993 (May 2022), As Voted By Kpopmap Readers
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