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RT @FredNurf: @Charmicarmicat5 @GerardDelaney39 I studied his book "Manufacturing Consent" at uni. he has his moments. trouble…
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@EmmanuelAkpe The book holds fundamental truths of money management and multiplication, it introduced me to the ide…
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RT @Jackapedia_: incredible book cover
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QUIZ: Are You Street Smart Or Just Book Smart? It's actually hard ... #BookSmart #StreetSmart
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RT @Athariyyah: LIVE NOW! Explanation of Saheeh Al-Bukhāri - “The Book of Knowledge” by Shaykh Uways Taweel @uwaysT #MasjidBinBaz
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RT @WatchChad: If you start to believe this government cares about kids just remember we still don’t know who’s in Ghislaine Maxwell’s black book.
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@_moon_artist_ I've read it - a brilliant book!
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RT @IamGMJohnson: A member of Moms for Liberty who is trying to ban All Boys Aren’t Blue lost her child in Uvalde. 6 hours after the…
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RT @RhonddaBryant: The new ministerial code is a disgrace. It means that the tiny semblance of accountability disappears. If you break…
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RT @LucyPip20032481: Meghan Markle's ex-husband Trevor to 'expose' her in 'tell all' book
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RT @annesareads: i'm calling all of us out since i know that we all have that one book
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RT @iamsrk: An amazing true story of successfully chasing and nailing Covid virus by Team BMC. A must read. Pls grab ur copy on…
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@RuminatorDan @FatEmperor Yep. Docs have to be very careful about what they say. We knew by May of 2020 that lockdo…
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RT @PennilessScribe: BOOK 1 is STILL #FREE "I found it hard to put this book down and almost took a sick day just to finish it. If you'r…
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RT @andrewleepotts: LAST DAYS TO SUPPORT MY FILM FIRECRACKER 🔥 This in my version of crowdfunding! I am doing 30 minutes online meet an…
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RT @BubbleBubbleG7: #BTS Army Mail 1 ✅ RT, WW, Followers only ❇️Optional: @BTS_twt #YetToCome from #BTS_Proof tags ❇️Stamped mail, no…
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RT @Jackapedia_: incredible book cover
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RT @LamontBattle: Imam Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhab's essay of Nullifiers of Islam came from this book in the chapter of Apostasy by Ima…
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RT @BetheBooks: First book by @acevedowrites that I’ve read only with my eyes, but I could hear her sonorous voice…
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RT @BNBridgeport: The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas , our Discovery Book of the Month, will sweep you off your feet and into a terrifying,…
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