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@kangaroos991 @mari00newyork When all his followers realize they screwed up and killed themselves. That's when it b…
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Imma need him to call Ronda a bonifide scrub
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The less you meddle in a situation or strongarm anyone into se... More for Leo
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@WrestlingDazeYT Hear me out, What if #AOP authors of Pain come back at Mania to destroy the winners of the tag tea…
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@TheGreatoneJon Prime dwight was a bonifide monster on both ends of the court. just sucks he never developed his game.
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@ConscienceIsIt Turd is a bonifide sociopath
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@Storm5871 @nhlpens Haven't you seen his shot? The guy doesn't have a shot. Its weak sauce. That's why he doesn't…
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@FranKing_007 @GRVlagos U allowed urselves be used to destroy ur future,ur betterment. I won't be surprised if y'al…
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Knowing where you're going may not be the simplest thing today... More for Leo
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Judgement.. In the democratic set up, deliberations, discussions, debates and bonifide dissent against policies of…
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Jake Peavy A bonifide Ace a top the Padres rotation for the 2cnd half of the decade Peavy's dominance earned him…
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@climate You are aware that Tesla poses an existential threat to legacy auto and fossil fuel corporations? How will…
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When i remember Lemone the great, e dey pain me. Nigeria has killed a lot of bonifide sports stars.
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Awe poor baby. Bonifide justice is coming. Cry all you want.
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@metsjetscelts2 @genymets JD Davis a bonifide major leaguer under team control making min salary hit 8hrs in 50 gam…
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@Joak_S i know they train.. train alot but to keep your head when you know that shots fired is bonifide and have to…
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as a bonifide weapon degradation HATER, I am really pleased with what I've seen of the weapon combining system All…
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@Keke01165575 @B0lutife @JosephOnuorah Are you a Yoriba. I am from Is in, a bonifide Yoruba and Lagosians Igbos a…
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Something wonderful is winging its way to you, Leo. Mercury is... More for Leo
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@Breaking911 Handsome, bonifide MEN! Unlike the jokers in Uvalde.
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