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Blessed and grateful to be awake
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RT @quotetoponder: Retweet if your Dad is a blessing. Happy Father's Day. Have a Blessed Sunday.
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Happy Fathers day to all the amazing fathers in my life . Im so blessed to have you all..
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if it wasn’t for leesha I’d prolly still be on my bathroom floor unable to blessed
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RT @LionessPoet: keycard as #totem slow savoured greet in never-know-ness of when we’ll meet #empathy blessed telepath caresses effe…
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I’m such a sap,cried like a little girl when the #stlblues won the #StanleyCup cried during the amazing…
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god can these idiots ever shut the fuck up??? let these poor kids be ADOPTED BY LOVING PEOPLE!!! they would be bles…
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2 cars at 22 I’m blessed 🙏🏽
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RT @BindiIrwin: Thank you for always teaching me to stand up for what I believe in. I’m incredibly blessed to be your daughter and…
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RT @Robreeezy_: It has created stalkers for a lifetime. I have witnessed men go into great depression, life in complete shambles, a…
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@shermansmith72 Happy Father’s Day Coach! Have a blessed day.
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RT @wooyunqs: thinking about we basically got this hongjoong back for the current comeback we are blessed
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akala ko kaninang umaga malungkot birthday ko pero dahil sainyong lahat pinasolid niyo!!!! so lucky and blessed to…
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@MrSinclair240 Hi @MrSinclair3 my son goes to New J 🤗 let me seek out some information and drop you an email. Have a blessed evening 🙏🏽
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@AhsanPasha14 Have some srtict oreder......otherwise...! So no more arguement. Stay blessed.
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RT @itsmeangelieofc: To all my friends not fans because you are all my family lagi niyo tatandaan at kahit saan mang lupalop ng mundo ka…
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RT @txrbz: I'm actually so blessed to have all my snakey cousins live in Pakistan and all my safe cousins live in the UK, I ca…
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RT @Philou_moomoo: Why is she so cute ? I feel blessed to even be that close to her 😭 @RBW_MAMAMOO #Moonbyul #4seasons #Taipei
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i didn’t think it was possible for someone to be so perfect or for me to be as blessed as i am but here we are 🥴🦖🌈
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RT @GovLarryHogan: Happy #FathersDay! I am so blessed to have three incredible daughters, Julie, Jaymi, and Kim, and four amazing gran…
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