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RT @CavJamLady: Many thanks to the lovely Bill Buckley at @BBCBerkshire for having me in today to talk all things jam. If you’d lik…
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RT @joshuawongcf: Let us make it clear. The gang attacked the citizens who came back to home from protest at railway station. [HK pro…
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RT @louistheroux: I visited Area 51 back in 1997. Just sayin’ (UK only): via ⁦@BBCiPlayer
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RT @chas679: BBC News - MPs and taxpayers on retrospective loan charge payments
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Sheffield murder probe after man stabbed to death
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BBC News - Hong Kong protests: Armed mob violence leaves city in shock
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@carolkirkwood Your so good at your job Carol! I watch bbc news just to see your positivety and your always smiling, its very refreshing 👍👍👍
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RT @BjCruickshank: The Scottish Rebellion has already started in Glasgow with a re-cycled envelope to the @BBC. So proud of my native…
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@BAYDAK10 @VyachesGorbunov Надо у BBC russian спросить,они тоже почему-то на ушах стоят!
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RT @KeeleComms: Congratulations to Emma Henderson, Creative Writing Lecturer at Keele, whose novel was picked by @claremackint0sh f…
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RT @uk_sf_writer: If Mrs May is going to chair Cobra meeting on the tanker crisis, it's bound to be resolved successfully. But not f…
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Tory leadership race: Alan Duncan resigns as minister
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Hull's Humber Street Sesh ditches plastic in green bid
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RT @Amy_Siskind: With any luck, this will distract them from devoting all their efforts to the orange menace rolling out the welcome…
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Hull's Humber Street Sesh ditches plastic in green bid
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RT @BBCBreaking: India successfully launches Chandrayaan-2 mission to the Moon, where it is due to land in September
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RT @sacchiy0608: 吉松隆さんのカルテットの名曲アトムハーツクラブ組曲1&2番の弦楽オケ版(僕の指揮でBBCフィル)。1番最後は興奮したプレイヤー達が奇声を上げてます(09:58付近)。興味ある方は交響曲もYouTubeで聞けます。先ずは3番運命を意…
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RT @JamesEFoster: After nine years of austerity, Boris Johnson's (#NotMyPM) first flagship policy is to give £10 billion to the riche…
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RT @stopbbcbias: From a donor: "The BBC is undermining democracy with their overt and demonstrable institutional biases (there are m…
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