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RT @futureyz: The @MayorofLondon visited us this morning at Future Youth Zone! Engaging in some activities with the young people,…
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RT @SadiqKhan: Great to be back in Barking today with @CllrDRodwell to spend time with staff and young people at the fantastic new…
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-Don't yell at your dog for barking. They'll just think you're barking along with them! -When correcting your dog,…
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@johnpavlovitz The ocean, squeaking otters, happy dogs barking, babies laughing.
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@Randymash Some people could be out of the house! Tbh a dog started barking at like 5am and I near gurned lmao
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@CarreAndi Oh lovely!!! You can imagine the doggie happiness, with much wagging of tails and barking as they romp t…
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Hey girl, are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you are CU-TE! 😍 Nerdy just got a whole lot cuter (and flir…
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*Dogs all across the universe start barking *
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@fidelmacook I can only dream about barking at the moon, Fidelma 🌓
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RT @futureyz: The @MayorofLondon visited us this morning at Future Youth Zone! Engaging in some activities with the young people,…
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my dog wont stop barking i cant wait till she dies and i can finally experience a day of peace
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RT @TheLondon_X: So my dog and the neighbors dog got into a barking match yesterday, this morning my dog hops the fence to take a sh…
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Oop that was supposed to say dog, in other news, its still barking 🙃
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RT @Ware_FC: FULL-TIME: Ware 4-2 Barking #IsthmianLeague
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RT @_Kruddz: OT BOP sound has literally been done by one artist which is NSG and no one else in UK, there’s thousand songs that…
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I was actually in my office and because of Nepali Ron's barking didn't miss rat weasels shipment from China. That r…
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@detresfa_ @POTUS He can keep barking....
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It’s the hottest night of the year, some dog on the road won’t stop barking and I’ve lost the idiot WiFi. STRESS ME OUT.
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"Okay time to get some revisions done" *lawn guy arrives* *Non-stop barking* "sigh"
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