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@trishankkarthik Bad! Skin in the game proof: I am lying in bed with Dostoyevsky (‘s book) next to me, procrasti…
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@alexitsok bad fuckin bitch
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@Scaramucci Can you imagine being that bad at your job and delusional that you get fired at THIS White House and yo…
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#targetdown used to work at Targs and can only imagine how bad it is there today...a Saturday...Father's Day weekend... #thoughtsandprayers
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RT @cowboyenergy: only bad bitches wore the justice lace camis in elementary school
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I’ve dealt with a lot of toxic people in the con community. And yes, not all of them were bad, some just were not g…
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@No1DefinesMe Well not as is cussing bad words but having to tell people about them selves.
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In 2019, the DNC has already posted more than $6 million in debt. #DemocraticNationalCommitteeDNC #DNC #DonaldTrump…
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having friends and fam who have finished exams literallly sucks so bad because I’m acting like Im done too when I k…
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RT @lastkingkoby: If we fuckin raw, you gotta keep that same energy you got with your friends, say "PERIODDDT" soon as I pull out…
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RT @STUinSD: Thread: On Dirty Cops, FBI-Style 1. Occasionally, the apparent corruption in the FBI (and DoJ) gets so bad that it…
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RT @chrisyelland: Air quality in Johannesburg today nearly twice as bad as that in Beijing, China. Great real time air quality moni…
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RT @MollyJongFast: Alabama is a Frankenstein’s laboratory of terrifying regressive legislation.
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RT @glossaw: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ bts. k-army i-army
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live playing some bad fortnite haha
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RT @viviannnv: a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week, a bad week doesn’t mean a bad month. don’t mistake a season of sadness for a lifetime
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RT @gigglegguk: the way jungkook bowed and apologized to armys after spraying them with water... this yalls bad guy?
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RT @Browtweaten: Me: Why'd you kill everybody? God: Humans were screwing up so bad, I had to start over Me: You're replacing us?…
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My name in dem streets bad 😂😂😂
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RT @ballerguy: Men b like sorry I was bad at communicating how I was feeling I just don’t want to do it and refuse to ever learn
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