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RT @IAMHERTWEETX: be strong enough to leave a relationship that does not make you the best version of yourself. be brave enough to gi…
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@JConde80168609 @EricD4481 @jaketapper Heh, believe whatever you like my man - you can add it to the pile of weird…
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RT @keita0ceo1: みんなで目指せ甲子園企画 *プロ野球スピリッツ2019セットを合計20名様にプレゼント 【A賞】 PS4&PSV 本体のみ ×20名 (機種や色は指定できません) 【B賞】 プロスピ2019 ソフトのみ (PS4版&PSV版…
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RT @bulent_uslu: Gelir gelmez Mhk Başkanı ve ekibini görevden alan,B. Yıldırım ve S. Çınar’a düdük astıran,üzerinde çok spekülasyon…
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RT @NikitaDragun: no one: instagram comments: DONT LOOK at my STORY, of u don’t want to M A S T U R B A T E! 💦👅👅👙
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【拡散希望】関東を中心に活動する、U-KISSとB.A.Pのコピユニ『KISS me BABY』です。まだ結成したばかりなので練習中ですが、イベントなどにたくさん出演していきたいです!みなさん応援よろしくお願いします!
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@AlcaldiaBGA Señores secretaria de Deportes de B/manga pongan a funcionar la pantalla led del estadio de fútbol, ig…
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Quand tu vois la gueule du plan A, mouillez vous la nuque en attendant de découvrir le Plan B.
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RT @nicofayet: Gâcher sa carrière à 20 ans, mission réussie pour Mboula. Dommage c'était un de mes préférés en B
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And when I’m not working ; I’m working . Shoot was a success 📸
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RT @Wolves: A huge thanks to the local support and travelling pack today! 💛👏
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RT @TVJandaya: HEY GRINGOS, come to B R A S I L, sometimes its paia but most of the time its cool 👍
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RT @macco_macco: 本日発売のそらるさんのアルバム「ワンダー」のA盤、B盤、TSUTAYAさん特典のクリアファイル描かせて頂きました!よろしくお願い致しますー!
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RT @armyoncecult: Why does the ppl in the comment section act like bts is going to perform for the country/government? Like they're g…
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Your choices for Thursday's #GoodNewsAtNoon are: A. A Sorority's Convention Got Cancelled Because of Hurricane Barr…
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RT @karibahut: Psy: vous avez l'air tracassé, dites moi tout Moi: pourquoi on prononce C.I.A à la française mais F.B.I à l'améric…
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RT @qtpiebyunbaek: 190717 SONGWRITER DRESS IG "Thank you for giving me such a precious and valuable song~! It's a song that made me p…
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Title: Let Me See The Sun. , ♪ : Solo ◽️ 💽 Album: 4 Bruthas & A Bass 1999©® ► Genre: R&B Soul ♫Le’Good Musiq™ ♫90…
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RT @WojSadurski: Bardzo bym chciał, by któraś z normalnych redakcji (czyli ani PAP, ani TVP itp.) zapytała urząd kanclerski, czy A M…
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RT @louiadrian1: N o b e l a. (sorry na paos😆)
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