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RT @CNNTonight: Beto O'Rourke: The Trump administration's push to extend the detention of migrant families is "part of this larger…
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Iranian-backed militia: US allowed Israeli aircraft to attack Iraqi base - Middle East - Jerusalem Post #SmartNews
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I don’t do shit wrong nor do I have anything to fear Melissa the culprit is a man begging for some idiots attention…
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literally having a panic attack over like 5 different things at the moment so that’s cool
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RT @babysnitchery: the percentage of attack on titan’s animation budget spent on levi must be INSANE but u won’t find me complaining
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RT @AskAnshul: India-Bangladesh border Today: 1. Assam: Cow Smugglers killed BSF Jawan Sadhu 2. Bengal: Cow Smugglers attacked…
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RT @Nelsondu243: @RatedRnB @TreySongz Heart attack
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RT @jamtartzz: if you take a minor being uncomfortable with p*rn posted in public view as a personal attack you're more of a child than they will ever be
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RT @SpeakerPelosi: Russia is continuing their sweeping & unprecedented attack on U.S. elections, & @realdonaldtrump wants to allow the…
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RT @RTMcFadyen: Trump jokes about serving 14 more years as president in bizarre attack on 'nervous, skinny' Elizabeth Warren Anyon…
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Yelena so ein badass charakter in attack on titan , feier sie unnormal
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RT @TonyKoc69285191: Isn't The Australian a courageous organ! Attack Kristina Keneally - like they did with PM Gillard; Jacinda Adern, G…
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RT @MarkDice: @DanCrenshawTX @hasanthehun It's interesting that YouTube bans Alex Jones for "hate speech" but allows the Young Tu…
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RT @tribelaw: Trump’s new attack on American Jews as disloyal to Israel if they vote Democratic is no better than his old attack…
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RT @kikkatenten: 羽生くんと坂道くん。 大好きな二人が並んでいるのが嬉しすぎる……😂✨ ありがとう #ツールド東北 さん〜〜!!✨ #羽生結弦 #弱ペダ #yp_anime #東北ペダル
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RT @DailyCaller: ‘No, It Is Not Racist’ — Dana Perino Defends Electoral College After Ocasio-Cortez Attack
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RT @momblogger: Read : From a journalist who put together or edited stories on the Sarmenta-Gomez rape and murder. “The TRIGGER…
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@cane_jean @smartereveryday Well, if your setup is vulnerable, we can attack you from text files (e.g. If you're ru…
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RT @brokenbonesboi: GGRRR?!? *he barked trying to attack reader but failing from being chained* Grr.. *he growls softly trying to…
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