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While I’m not against all this kerbside recycling business etc as a whole, I am against the increase of numbers of…
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@dcol9186 @simonahac @ProfTerryHughes David, what you have to realise is that the models are “tuned” to CO2 assumpt…
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Turns out you’re wrong, Osomatsu. I threw shit on to see if you'd make assumptions about me from a glance, like an asshole. And you did.
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The Assumptions Employees Make When They Don’t Get Feedback
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into any false assumptions, let alone conclusions maybe she still believed these people did nothing wrong still.
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By providing helpful feedback, you can give your employees the resources to do more of what's working, less of what…
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The Assumptions Employees Make When They Don’t Get Feedback
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RT @AbrahamOnMoney: Traditional cashflow projections are incapable of this dynamic longevity assumption and forces financial planners t…
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Drop some of ur assumptions bout meh, kinda bored tho.
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"Assumptions have been made from both sides of the argument." Closes out article with: Are you disappointed that t…
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@dahawk7843 @Peters_Glen yes that's why I'm pushing back against terminologies like 'global rule' which tend to str…
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"In order to survive, we cling to all we know and understand. All humans live with wrong assumptions and we label it reality" -Itachi
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@jideunconformed Leemao, people and assumptions. What if WS wasn't in a particularly chatty mood and just switched…
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@RossVarner @AndrewYang I started to read that but had to stop. There are so many assumptions and I think some of t…
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RT @machokotoalfred: @OpenParlyZw @vincemusewe Chicken egg situation munoswerera arguing on this. Fact is we needed our own currency at…
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RT @Kabange_Enoch: The four agreements 1. Be impeccable with your word 2. Take nothing personally 3. Make no assumptions 4. Always…
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im scared reading all of the replies... i mean... korang semua tahu ke ibu bapa dia ajar macamana kat rumah? jangan…
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@washeruper @andheesen @MattWalshBlog Your argument relies on multiple assumptions, and many more inaccurate arguments.
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It’s so easy to make assumptions that you’re blinded by those
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Everywhere I look, I see language trends of mistaken programming for magic, trying to minimize typing, increasingly…
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