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RT @kaitlinmaarie: What bisexuals are: -valid -really cool -bisexual What bisexuals aren’t: -going through a phase -confused -more li…
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they are so important to me. words aren’t enough to express how i feel about them. i love them so much. ♡
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even if we wanted to, our lives aren't compatible
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RT @lokiiapprentice: bisexuals aren’t confused being bisexual isn’t a phase bisexuals aren’t automatically gay if they date the same gen…
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my exams still aren't over I'm still supposed to be on hiatus I literally just came back for the oddballs
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RT @PeterSweden7: Are women failing the army fitness tests because they aren't physically as strong as the men? No problem - Let's j…
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@Styla73 Aren't they just, I am totally here for this ❤️
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RT @moutune: When we lost against Brighton it was Mourinho's fault. When we won 3 straight away games it was Carrick and McKenna…
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RT @Clan_Clueless: Some of you don’t have jobs or aren’t doing anything productive and you have friends that aren’t concerned about yo…
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RT @bitchingizelle: Aren’t there KathNiels in Africa too? Just go for the whole world already
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@kipster003 They aren't his friends though, he was brought up with humans.
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@sdhardie @JessAbrego6 @kvpeckwriter @sahilkapur Aren't they going to give her a hearing Thursday?
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In women eyes, MEN are perfect, BOYS aren't.
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RT @iam_olympia: They say we’re getting weaker.That we aren’t as strong as we once were. I didn’t know that MW continuously getting…
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RT @samstein: Seems pretty easy to prove whether or not Senate Republicans knew about the new allegations last week. Phone call l…
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RT @splendiDKirsten: I love you guys... Let's continue to discipline each other. Concern lang ako. I want this fanmily solid, classy and…
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RT @mrtechsavy: .@CNN you aren't any better at golf than you are at 'reporting'. You're a meme.
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RT @DeepLifeQuotes: Sometimes when you aren’t looking, you find exactly what you needed.
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@Stuey2_ It is a stag do btw, I aren’t Fergal
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#MondayMotivation Tuesday & Wednesday aren't much better either. So, suck it up & move on.
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