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Even if it’s protected, y’all still aren’t protected from STDs. The best way to avoid an STD is to practice abstine…
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RT @KevinJacksonTBS: @IlhanMN Existential threats aren't REAL threats. It's a nice "word" that implies a threat that braindead morons li…
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RT @McAllisterDen: @CNN @ForecasterEnten Nah. He’s fighting for all Americans. Some people just aren’t worth trying to convince becaus…
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Most African leaders have weaponized poverty,ensuring dat d pple are continuously impoverished so dat when they dan…
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RT @SwampysGhost: No doubt. Even if some aren't, they protect pedos and fight for them. Think that all the way through for a minute…
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RT @mitchellvii: LIBERALS: Men aren't men. Women aren't women. Babies aren't humans. Illegals aren't illegal. America is last. CONS…
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RT @ItsAlexJackson: just an fyi that bi boys exist and they aren’t just gay kids afraid to come out they are bisexual and should be recognized as such
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@tropicsav Why aren't u supporting the twins!!! These sins are escalating and you need to be a REAL FAN!1!1!2!
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RT @revxbe: Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you, who knows you aren’t perfect but treats you as if you ar…
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RT @JHarden13: #ad @CP3 I thought we were good… aren't you covered by @StateFarm anyway?
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RT @NBCNews: Opinion | Meredith Clark: "It's not that dogs are dumb, is that people aren't smart enough to realize that all anim…
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RT @hopekidoki: "Aren't you entering with too much power?" Jin: It's hot!!! J-Hope it's hot!!! (telling him to blow the candles LOL)
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There aren't enough household emojis. I need a blanket emoji.
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@KoskiniotisK Yesss I have to throw any water bottles in the back if they aren’t in cup holders 😂
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@TravTalksSports You aren’t good, but at the same time you aren’t bad
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RT @WCullmac: How come Leave EU are influencing Parliament? Who the hell are they? Aren’t they under criminal investigation. This…
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RT @LadiSpeaks: Do you want a Lagos where the touts aren’t the Kings and Queens of the society? Jimi Agbaje is your plug 🔌…
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@laughsfliesaway Also in 2017 @BJP4Goa lost maximum seats in South Goa where Hindus aren't united, we need to ensur…
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@DanJohn23 We’ll have to catch up soon! Aren’t you going to Paris next weekend?
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At least my grades aren't as low as Tim foust's voice
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