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RT @DanRather: When you hear the story of a woman who has witnessed and experienced unspeakable horrors, who has lost her family t…
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RT @RealCandaceO: When law-breaking migrants cross our border, celebrities and leftists DEMAND their children be released from our sy…
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@alice_fearn Thanks so much for the Elphaba you gave us. You are incredible. This last show was an wonderful exper…
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RT @AFP: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong. These are the crewed US missions…
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@ddFrancis88 Great piece Francis, I for one like all your rumours it gets us a bit excited lol. And you are entitle…
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@NewsChute @realDonaldTrump Support bras are in @RashidaTlaib ... invest
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RT @CancerTerms: A #Cancer lover will look beyond the superficial & love you wholly for who you are.
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@taelixies why are you even thinking about her coochie she's like a cartoon
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RT @Ygrene: Ok so now there are twice as many what are you doing
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RT @NewsChute: ICYMI: Back in August 2016, Rashida Tlaib got ESCORTED out of then Candidate @realDonaldTrump 's event in Detroit,…
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RT @softleehyung: if you see this tweet you are obligated to retweet and reply with #SMTreatChinaLineBetter !!!!
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RT @DavidTheNonBot: NOT KIDDING - BREAKING: Nobel Peace prize recipient Nadia Murad tells President Trump that her mother & 6 brothers…
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RT @lenlucas46: Now, you can't read a story like this and NOT understand the reality at our Southern border. These are not innocen…
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yes it’s confirmed me and @saddrinkss are starting a revolution
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This can’t be good for the narrative: Thirty-seven percent of poll respondents said "most black Americans" are raci…
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you are my man! 🙄🙄 cut the foolery.
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RT @trekkieb47: .@Hasbro since you say you’re listening to fans, please do not stop sentai DVDs. A lot of Power Rangers fan love th…
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@realDonaldTrump Where are all the red hats? Who are these folks? Was there a free lunch?
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