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RT @TrooperSnooks: My shed no more, a pottery studio appears in its stead. 😥
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RT @tanzeemorg: “China has urged dialogue between conflicting parties after oil tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman. It appears that the…
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RT @ct_alham: US Cyber Command has started #CyberWorldWarIII without fully briefing #POTUS - out of fear he might shut it down.…
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RT @aymnzI: Imagine you donate and the person you donated money to, appears behind the screen and hugs you. This commercial is…
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@JohnDriLLL Suddenly a wild John Drilll appears
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RT @MikeOtsuka: 🚨🚨🚨A new blog post: "USS should have released tPR’s statement in January and UUK should have called for this then:…
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RT @thejimjams: Cardinal appears in video pledging Hong Kong’s resistance to Chinese government | The Pulse | LifeSite
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CHARGE: A 38-year-old man has been charged with five burglaries, including three at holiday villas. David Evans, of…
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@brfootball @SergioRamos Santi’s wife appears not to be happy to be there!!
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RT @sanswrld: when the gc started out with 2 people talking but someone makes a typo and suddenly everyone appears
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The face is unmistakable even if the words coming out of her mouth would cause her politically correct friends to c…
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RT @eketiette: What happens to the hundreds of women without Segalink's number? Those of us who know no DCP or ACP or IGP? It app…
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RT @S_kangmi: Officially i shall unfollow every and anyone who post likes or retweet any more sexual content, (pics &/or video) i…
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Women can be pedophiles & they often slip under the radar. Was Asia Argento grooming Jimmy Bennett publically & ke…
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I login and get so far and then this appears 😫
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Wow, it appears one of the arch idiots got in there
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RT @canadagraphs: @bkhabermehl @shaunking @phoenixpolice Follow up to my last post. After doing some digging, it appears the "Office…
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RT @wwwtxt: You enter a password. A menu appears. You hang up in a sweat. You are now a hacker. ☯88SEP
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@JolyonMaugham @Mermaids_Gender @GoonerProf a really useful source. Hopefully I’m not misrepresenting her, she appe…
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