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RT @_FatNick: She’s litteral scum And for a fact her parents will disown her after seeing this picture Once again shame on an…
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@Ameen_HGA @theapologista I have no bias on any party. Simply stating what's happening & what's been said. I am nei…
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@basementstudent @SamsonCarr665 @mxdecolonialist All through the history of the movement, there's always been reduc…
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RT @bubyhobi: y’all realize that at any second jungkook could post a picture of him with a man bun right
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Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can
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RT @Backup_Of_Btp: Dear @Atlee_dir Bro & @archanakalpathi Akka Some Black Ship From #Bigil Movie Team Had Been Leaked The Song So Take…
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@AOC None of your actions or statements have expressed any LOVE towards 🇺🇸 Go back to bar tending!
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@alafairburke Did you get any other photos of this man? I’m in a hospital bed with tons of time to devote to findi…
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Apparently, MI5 vetted applicants for work at the BBC. If they showed any socialist leanings, they didn't get the j…
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RT @anne_theriault: Depression is equal parts deeply boring and deeply embarrassing. Everyone’s always like, “reach out!” and “you can…
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@joelmeares Did I see Big Little Lies didn’t scoreless any either?
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@BB9jaNow @Official_CeeC Yes yes my baby girl any day anytime
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i walk with my head down to make sure i don’t step on any snails
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@DrAmirKhanGP Would you really have it any other way? 😊
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A #homeinspection can help buyers deal with any potential problems. #REtips
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Would be nice to watch AKB tour concert but not like I can win any tickets
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RT @YusufLaReveur: You can be the most outstanding OR student nurse. You can be a scrub, of whom, have assisted many miraculous opera…
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RT @philosophrob: @realDonaldTrump "Nobody should have any illusions. The United States has essentially a one-party system and the ru…
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RT @colbertlateshow: TONIGHT: We're back from our break but Trump hasn't taken any time off from his role as Racist-In-Chief. #LSSC
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RT @NeilShenvi: One of the most dangerous aspects of critical theory is how it suppresses any dissent. If you're part of an oppress…
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