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RT @ruiyellow617: 少クラ 嵐 ARASHI ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR 5×20 曲のみ① ・Find The Answer ・MC ・感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 ・言葉より大切なもの ・La tormenta chapter Ⅱ
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RT @eyooekpo: Good question but the answer is this: will you stop offering the =N=50?
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RT @carolecadwalla: Which businessman? How much? Who was paying you to make speeches in the States? Who owns the London townhouse you l…
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RT @SAPIndia: We are here with the ninth question of #SAPUX Contest! Answer away!
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RT @rceedote: *me staring at your answer sheet* :taena, hindi ko makita.
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@UKLabour If you believe so much in this country why do you want to be ruled by the unelected EU Commission and why…
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When anyone asks me about Brexit I'm tempted to answer like the guy I once asked directions from who replied "Well…
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How advanced are your software development skills? Take the new @DevEconomics survey, answer questions about dev to…
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@RickSpratley For anything pipeline related, I would recommend following @CarrollQuigley1. I personally don't know that answer.
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RT @SteveCrowley213: “"Thus says the Lord who made the earth, the Lord who formed it to establish it—the Lord is His name: Call to Me an…
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RT @MarkChubb3: Most teachers ask questions that have a direct answer... that is, they ask questions where there is no conversation…
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RT @BTSGlobalNoona: New Coca Cola CF featuring Answer: Love Myself as BGM. Coke bottles will also have @BTS_twt songs on the label.
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RT @Umminda2: May Allah make us one of those who will answer the three questions with ease Inshaa Allah😩❤️
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RT @780613: u know how its a thing where once u see a song live it Changes it for you . the weird thing is tht its not even tha…
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I will answer base's stuff until Augurey wakes up.
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RT @LegendOfBuku: Soulja Boy owned that Breakfast Club interview. He had a answer for every question and even when he was being funny…
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RT @t_tspi: @anne_mwongeli ask him first, we'll wait for the answer
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RT @btschartdata: Spotify Update: 'Love Yourself: Answer' - 1,418,105,169 (+3,6M in the last 24 hours)
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RT @ahullum: Awkward Parenting Moment Part 76532346: Kid: Mom, what’s lube? Me: ...It’s, a, um, slippery substance used to mak…
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