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This can’t be a real thing. Did the announcer mean to say “he’s safe at 1st on a dropped 3rd strike”?
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I think that I want to be a sports announcer but for political tweets and call foul shots and winning comebacks...
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@leadofftriples I can literally imagine the announcer at Coors saying his name and now I’m laughing. I never noticed that until now
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@grass2017 Favourite character (besides cat girl announcer)?
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RT @OakvilleBlades: The Blades are hiring: Public Address Announcer/Point Streak Statistician. Contact
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@Seamus_Donohue One day I'll use all those years of Ballet to be graceful! Announcer voice: She did not
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RT @katie_naz: My brain is struggling wrapping itself around you having a stereotypical rodeo announcer voice and not being in yo…
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Announcer is hilarious brokeback mountain wii #LoveIslandUSA
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@Stapes is the best announcer in poker. Not close. His random movie and pop culture references are incredible as is…
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RT @senkyost: SATV佐野伶莉アナが、静岡選挙区の模様をお伝えします! 従来の構図が崩れ、与野党候補が入り乱れ!?激戦の行方やいかに🗻 ▶️ #参院選 #参院選2019 #佐野伶莉 #SATV…
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RT @Sckys_: @OldManEffect @DragoSFMAA @SoaRGaming @makz @Shifty "They can suck mah cock" 😂 you got an amazing announcer voice
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RT @johnsadak: Listen to this young man. Such real, raw, relatable emotion. The Blue Rocks gave me my first professional experienc…
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Kalau bukan kita, siapaaa lagiiii - announcer gbk -
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@blummer27 Was that spelled "Ooff" or "Uff"?! BTW your partner sounds like a radio announcer on overdrive. Chill out dude!
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@verified Why doesn’t Twitter have love for #poker celebrities? @Andrew_Robl is arguably the best cash game player…
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RT @Jaguars_AD: Congrats to Ankeny Centennial @ankeny_jaguars Announcer Mr. Naylor as the @IHSAA Morris D. Kelley PA Announcer 🥇 Aw…
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RT @senkyost: 事実上の与野党一騎打ちとなった岩手選挙区、果たして勝敗の行方は❗️❓さあ投票さ行ぐべ🙋 IAT石田瑠美子アナのキュートな方言も必聴! ▶️ #参院選 #参院選2019 #石田瑠美子…
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RT @senkyost: SATV佐野伶莉アナが、静岡選挙区の模様をお伝えします! 従来の構図が崩れ、与野党候補が入り乱れ!?激戦の行方やいかに🗻 ▶️ #参院選 #参院選2019 #佐野伶莉 #SATV…
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RT @forgetfulhuman: Hi everyone! Since my car was involved in accident few days ago, I'm selling off all of my item excluding taunt and…
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