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Halloooohooooo! Ich wollt mal vorbeischauen... #squirrel #eichhörnchen #Besuch #visitor #ichschaunur #nature…
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RT @koryodynasty: "Icheon puppy rape": man has sex with 3 months old puppy in street, but cannot be charged for sexual violence or be…
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RT @circa13579: #WideGarcia art and sci-fi book, "Aquarian Age Consciousness," inspired his new paintings of an "Animal Protest Par…
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RT @NTN24ve: Las fallas en el servicio eléctrico reducen el consumo de proteína animal en Venezuela
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RT @jesuscasique1: Los Peludos son integrantes de tu familia. Eres el responsable de un ser cargado de amor. Desconocen la envidia, el…
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RT @martiurdiroz: nunca amé tanto a un animal como amo a mi gata, la siento tan cercana y soy tan intensa con ella q si me voy automá…
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RT @paularem17: mira sinceramente no tengo palabras, es que no puedo creerme que seáis TAN crueles, es que te veo haciéndole eso a…
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RT @eternallyixing: weibo has some of the most vile and uncouth antis who are literally the scum of the earth, their toxic comments wil…
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#Khaleesi is my spirit animal * sobbing * Dracarys.
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@NYTimesPR @MariaFdaCabal @nytimes Señores @nytimes como pueden ver @MariaFdaCabal es una especie de animal en estu…
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@Hartsteinfeld @KirkTousaw @calgarystampede To be fair, cannabis doesn't pair well with animal harassment.
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RT @AmyKinLA: After facing a massive PETA controversy, 2017's A Dog's Purpose" looked DOA. But then the film grossed a stunning $…
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I really can’t wait to review a Nintendo game this year, but which? Pokémon? Animal Crossing? Mario Maker 2?
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RT @140VGM: 8 PM - Animal Crossing : Wild World (2005, NDS) Composer : Kazumi Totaka (@a_slice_of_life)
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And this is the animal @POTUS wants to pardon? So #pathetic
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@Trader_Dante @NicTrades I would stop the vicious badger culling as my number one priority and then establish a min…
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RT @Brindille_: Amazing nature and animal photographs by the talented wildlife #photographer © Julian Rad
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RT @angieshandmade1: First birthday bib, Birthday party bib, Happy Birthday bib, Blue party bib, Baby bib, Zoo animal party bib, Happy b…
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If only John Wick could be a spirit animal. He would be my spirit animal.
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