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RT @lexi_landeros: im ready for hoodies and sweats
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Our bus drivers are the BEST and they have the awards to prove it. Congratulations to the bus rodeo team for all of…
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@mandrews93DFS And there is the GOAL How's the stadium. Sounds loud. Looks awesome
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RT @elenochle: Q has said proofs and graphics are important. I took that as a directive. This thread will show: -Q verification -Q…
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RT @kevinreyes1576: Y'all Mexican moms don't play 😭 my friend did a hicky prank on her mom and........
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RT @Kehlani: bro if the earths most major key components going THRU it (amazon, glaciers, great barrier reef) doesn’t wake u the…
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RT @kingushbal: yo women actually go to work and school with cramps and shit. They can be in a lot of pain but still act normal thr…
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RT @Themysticmeadow: @bean1797 @daphnejwalker Hi!! I’m a resin and jewelry artist
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RT @robreiner: Can’t say this enough. Donald Trump is out of his fucking mind. He’s moronic. He’s racist. He’s childish. He’s beyo…
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@JessicaRuns Let my feet heal and then in 2.5 weeks, it’s 100 miles in Kansas.
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RT @TarekFatah: #BREAKING - Pakistan Military launches a massive operation in occupied Balochistan involving thousands of troops. M…
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Ask me to get on this I’ll just laugh and go to the waterpark
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RT @iKyleDion: I really dropped my album this year and it’s changing my life, i love you.
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RT @Y2SHAF: a reminder that the amazon forest has been on fire for 3 weeks now and because of the lack of media coverage people…
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RT @wmag: Thanks to @HaileyBieber and @BellaHadid, the exposed thong is now trending in the year 2019.
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RT @LTMusical: ok. if you’re lgbt+ and you’re a percy jackson fan rt this we’re trying to make some people feel welcomed
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Everyone that follows me knows the difference between sexual assault and rape right?
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RT @darrenrovell: In honor of the Chicago Bears centennial season, Miller Lite has created limited-edition Bears100 cans. The 16-ounc…
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RT @FireLordCandela: Been meaning to do this and tbh i fucking LOVE this game so im down to share the love. Doing a Fire Emblem Three…
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@sebulia1 @PikachuSerena 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣bleach, ammonia, fuck it... lysol, pine-sol and Mr. Clean... throw it all in one co…
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