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RT @joohwangie: whose friends call her both Chaeyoung and Rosé (pronounced “Rosie”) 😶
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RT @Stray_Kids: [2 Kids Room(투키즈룸)] Ep.18 리노 X 승민 English and Japanese subtitles are available!
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RT @paricyte: just found out our company youtube account is signed into my bosses daughters phone and she’s leaving comments on g…
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RT @frfielpareja: Lord, bless my new week with the strength I need, peace of mind, and courage. ✨
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RT @TraderTheory_: Trading psychology says you should trust your analysis and remain patient and disciplined.
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RT @PenAbdull: Shaykh Uthaymeen recounts an experience. He said, “I saw a group of men during the days of Hajj, I see them arguing…
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RT @brookswheelan: I did the thing where I worked for a year straight and am now gonna go blow it all in one month across Europe. I’ll never own a home baby!
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RT @FabrizioRomano: Gabriel Jesus tells ESPN: "My future is still uncertain. I have already expressed my desire to Man City people and…
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RT @heywinterlove: @NCTDreamINA We are disappointed in the selection of SUGAR POP STAR 4 teaser picture causing JISUNG's face to not b…
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The approved talking points were pretty clear and entirely unsurprising... → COVID-19 / Pandemic / Vaccines → Clim…
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RT @MiaRSato: i’m at a crypto/NFT conference and…
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RT @Cedric_SNR: Even with Kalonzo Musyoka going back to Azimio, William Ruto wil still defeat Raila Odinga by huge margin and this time round NO HANDSHAKE.
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RT @findingmalo: It is refreshing to be able to process the end of something and still be open to love though. I’m happy I’m not jad…
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Sear avocado and jicama in yuzukosho for just a moment. Complete with a touch of murri.
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RT @imzarvinnn: training myself to control my temper and choose peace in all situations thrown at me.
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RT @DineshKharb007: #GodNightMonday A people, who didn't do bhakti, and relinquishing the injunctions of the scriptures performed arb…
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RT @Pangaea__: was watching pool and got caught extremely off-guard by this commentary
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RT @JoJoFromJerz: A one term, twice impeached, compromised, narcissistic, criminal con man plotted a coup and incited an insurrection…
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RT @roomtempmana: I haven’t received a D0n0 in days and my car note is due in TWO DAYS I am trying to raise $670 please help me
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