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RT @Team1DFrance: 📲 | Le « Leave America » de l’extérieur du @StadeFrance ce soir ! On fait encore plus fort demain ? ©️eleatusit
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RT @KariLake: .@JoeBiden is falling and our nation is failing. We're going to turn his mess around. America will stand tall aga…
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RT @RepEscobar: June is #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, and we're honoring traditions, cultures, and values that stitch together the fabri…
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RT @CrispyWrestle: Per Fightful: The rumors that Seth Rollins had to leave early from Night Of Champions to finish filming for Captain…
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@goleadadazoeira São Paulo X América FRamengo X Curintia Palmeiras X Grêmio Bahia X CAP
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RT @tedlieu: Thank you @NASCAR for showing that in America, we value freedom and let Americans be who they are. Happy Pride Mo…
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@OdiameMas1916 Sí, hace falta ver al América fuera de la Liguilla otra vez 🚬
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RT @seanhannity: TWO-TIERED SYSTEM: Former President Donald Trump will discuss America's two-tiered system of justice as our town hall continues!
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RT @__TEAM_USA: 'We Love You President Trump!' – Crowd Goes Wild as Trump Enters Iowa Restaurant. America loves Donald Trump.…
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RT @KaCurrie_45: Listen up America!
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RT @historyinmemes: Mr. Rogers made a courageous decision to defy the racial segregation norms of 1969 by extending an invitation to Of…
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RT @IndyBeginsAt220: John Kerry US Climate Czar Announces War Like Effort To Shut Down American Food Supply Are we really going to let t…
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RT @ajsteelshow: Our senile president just face planted again. For a moment I felt sorry for him until I remembered that he showere…
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@USAmbSL Here’s comes the real agenda… look at America now, they have broken in to groups and fighting with each ot…
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RT @HisBride1111: God Bless America ❤️
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@getawaycarvic This is disgusting 🤦🏾‍♀️ please just ignore them, you don’t deserve this! Also how is it that intern…
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RT @PU28453638: Powerful! 💥 If anyone else comes in 2024 outside of Trump you can kiss America good bye 🔥🔥🔥
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RT @ACTBrigitte: If Joe Biden is not impeached, there is no justice in America.
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