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RT @BOM_SA: Feeling hot ? Think of residents of Ceduna which just reached its all time temperature record of 48.4 °C at 2:50pm…
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The cameras come on and people act diff....they were all in bath together and as soon as they knew they were LIVE 😩…
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RT @TheRealStanLee: Black Panther. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Avengers: Infinity War. What do they all have in common besides S…
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@DrMichaelMosley An important reminder to all those losing kilos: remember to reuse, recycle your old “large” cloth…
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RT @melmadara: me: ugh i’m broke rich kid who spends all their parents money and has never had a job: okay but like .. have you t…
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Can't let go And it doesn't matter how I try I gave it all so easily To you my love To dreams that never will come…
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RT @AladinHere: Gain 786+ actives Followers!!! 👉Turn My Notifications on 👉 Like 👉 Follow 👉 Retweet 👉 Comment 👉 Follow Me 👉 Follo…
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RT @jeonggukpics: Baby bun collecting all our uwus 🤭💜💜💜 #Jungkook #정국 @BTS_twt
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Congratulations to all of the finalists @ExeterLivingAwd #ExeterLiveBetter
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RT @diannesugg16: The fact that he’s congratulating her😭😭 She’s all like ‘you won as well’ he doesn’t even give a shit. He’s just in love 😭😭❤️
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RT @crazyeightss88: Y’all begged for this weather so y’all could “really start dressing” now look at y’all... cold and raggedy
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RT @magisj: 🤷‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙅‍♀️ We all want our tweets to be counted, not solely for its purpose, but for @SMTOWNGLOBAL and…
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RT @KAOSETH_Cebu: Sa lahat ng wala jan, tinatamad na ako HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Basta iyong mga SENIOR CITIZEN NA PRIORITY! I love you all #StayWedKAOSETH
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RT @VITAnonprofit: Le Caritas lombarde dicono no al decreto Salvini Continueranno ad accogliere a loro spese l…
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Free All Abilities golf clinic February 3rd
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RT @_KissAndBlush: I pray that God blesses him abundantly with all that he needs to take care of those little girls by himself. ❤️🙏🏽
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RT @moonlight_BTS_: what part of "DO NOT REPOST" y'all don't understand
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RT @thecjpearson: Due to the incredible generosity of an anonymous donor, all others costs (legal, PR, etc) have been completely and…
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RT @dianabutlerbass: Marcus Borg passed away 4 years ago, 01-21-15. His favorite benediction: "Life is short. We do not have much time…
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Why do y’all post videos of y’all crying, weirdos
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