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RT @NathanZed: if Thanos snapped all the black people to one place and we didn’t have to worry about racism no more
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. @AOC is objectively the world champion at twitter 🏆 However it's genuinely terrifying reading some of the commen…
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RT @lukelezon: Jesus didn’t say, “Come to me all who are crushing it, living your best life, and I will give you rest.” He said, “…
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#we_want_bts_in_kuwait @BTS_twt @BigHitEnt oh my my my oh my my my l’ve waited all my life
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RT @Einherjar69: Y'all, today is an absolute historical moment. This is the only day you can RT this. Good for health, bad for educ…
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RT @_FatNick: Like all jokes aside I would litterely beat the brakes off you
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ことわざ Grasp all, lose all. すべてをつかめば、すべてを失う。 欲張りすぎてはいけません。 という教訓です。 何をやるか、優先順位をつけることは とっても大事。
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@gregorypower6 @dr0lst0n Ya it is all part of Circus Trump. Amazing how he is able to control the narrative. But th…
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All Jed has to say to Hannah is how pretty she is. Sorry that’s not enough fellas. 🙄 seriously just leave
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RT @SethAMandel: The bookends—the Democratic Party refusing to condemn a member’s antisemitism, followed by passing a resolution to…
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RT @HCSoftballCamp: Our Champ of the Day is Jorja Berney!!! Jorja was very engaged all day and finished in the top 5 in hitting metrics…
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RT @trapppo: when you’re out having a good time and realize your dog is home all alone missing you
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RT @pjuliano1689: Yankees, Houston and TB are all deep in negotiations with Toronto regarding Marcus Stroman.
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Every heart break. Every sleepless night. Every tear. Every defeat. All of it made me the woman that I am today and…
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RT @brisketsauce: @AcaciaBrinley control your fans (@macietruex) specifically. All because $45 is too much for a children’s book IMO
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RT @BrittneyMMorris: Your annual reminder that “healthy” can mean: - Strong - Hydrated - Nourished - Balanced - Rested - Protected - Lo…
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RT @liquan45: Fuck what y’all talking about, I used to watch totally spies all the time 😭 shit was fye. Idc if it was girly
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. @Harry_Styles i love you with all my heart
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My uncle was part of putting the mission into space and onto the moon. His entire career was devoted to winning the…
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