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RT @CloydRivers: 79 years ago today, 160,000 troops stormed the gates of Hell. And won.
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RT @ABDanielleSmith: On this day, June 6th, we remember the bravery and sacrifice of Canadian 🍁 and Allied troops who landed on Normandy…
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RT @JanetMargaretA3: @TweetsPamela @NMBewitched @MyBoxerLuvMac1 Oh you too. I do that too and when someone asked me where a dog was a fe…
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I’m crying laughing at this tweet I’m genuinely losing it I was having an entire mental breakdown like 5 minutes ag…
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RT @Joyce_Karam: JUST IN: Blinken finished a ~ 2 hr 30 min meeting with #Saudi’s MBS. Tells Al-Monitor’s @ElizHagedorn they discusse…
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RT @MarkJacob16: If you vote for a political party led by a man who dines with Nazis, you dishonor the brave Americans who stormed O…
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RT @DaughterofSith: What staggers me most about the @Oxfam video is 20 years ago they understood the importance of single sex toilets b…
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RT @OldSchool80s: June 6, 1983: 40 years ago, Reading Rainbow debuted on PBS. #80s @levarburton Ran 21 seasons & 155 episodes. Find o…
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RT @AuxGod_: 16 years ago today, UGK dropped “International Players Anthem” ft Outkast
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RT @bennyjohnson: 79 years ago today, brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy in a fight to restore freedom. These are the fa…
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RT @nuffsaidny: A year ago today we lost Trouble. RIP Scoob 🕊️
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@NewMexicoGunman Fifty one years ago today i reported to my draft board and was inducted. That afternoon we were tr…
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RT @caprioleio: You have been lied to. For generations our education system has excluded basic information on what your entire wor…
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Okay I posted this with another caption moments ago and then deleted it but you didn’t see that thank u
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A couple of streams ago I was pulling on Honkai Star Rail and got 3 5 stars in one 10 pull. I'm gonna say this is u…
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@danthefan Uh, didn't Bumblebee answer this question five years ago?
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RT @PopCulture2000s: kim possible premiered 21 years ago on disney channel
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RT @darrenrovell: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Donald Trump 322 DAYS AGO.
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i discovered that spindrift has 24 packs. i’m not the same person that i was a month ago.
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RT @lynaevanee: Idk who needs to hear this but slavery wasn’t 400 years ago. It was 158. 2023-1865 = 158. You’re welcome.
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