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RT @Transgenderista: Go submit objections to this proposed DEA rule. It would criminalize HRT telehealth for our trans masc brothers and…
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RT @AutSciPerson: If you have 10 minutes in your day today - PLEASE consider submitting a comment about this federal bill that woul…
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@King_Of_Nerds1 She said you sound white because you were diagnosed with OCD and Asperger's? 🤣😂🤣. Me wey be get ADH…
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@indoors_remain Haha! I was thinking it was old age and adhd brain, but I'll take alien overlords 😆😆
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RT @Blackvivillion: Soo… Frye is Team Alien, huh? #Splatoon3 #splatfest
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RT @chronicallybeee: hey, they’re trying to stop prescribing controlled substances without an in person visit- which is very harmful for…
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@allisonperryart Also if you're looking for more ADHD info in general (either via directly educational resources or…
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@TricksayRicksay this was probably a strange thing to post. im often found to be annoying but when its vaguely simi…
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RT @thornhawthorne: “An ADHD med shortage won’t kill anyone” no, it literally will, and you citing other things it will do does not s…
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@ADHD_Alien I'd love to play that role! I'll translate your comics into Japanese. Just feel free to DM me or reply anytime.
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@maorinlemon789 Translating one of my comics right now to Japanese. It explains a few terms. Just hope my Japanese is good enough 😰
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@jamesmbrabson Same! I just knew that "my people" made me feel like I wasn't some alien, I belonged to their tribe.…
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Recharges adhd brain with more paranormal alien or crazy documentaries on discovery channel 🫶🏻
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RT @fochti: "Out of sight, out of mind" ADHD brain is kinda like when video games stop rendering the things you're not looking…
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@Atomikrin @blkgirllostkeys Gotta have to think about an answer but I need melatonin most days, which sucks cause i…
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@blkgirllostkeys and/or @ADHD_Alien either of you, or any of your followers, have suggestions for how to deal with…
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@ADHD_Alien Omg same …. 😭 I really need therapy but the wait right now is chaos
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@ADHD_Alien Cheers Pina 😁😁🤗❤️
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@SudiBearArt Me but with therapy wait lists 😭
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