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RT @lonestarherd: California Bill (AB2223) allows the killing of live babies up to 28 days old A new human life is created at the mo…
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@AesirAesthetics Kinda weird that they will do this when the HD collection will also have the normal voice acting
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RT @PayrollTheG: One minute they fwy next minute they acting funny that’s why I stay away from people .
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@mojoman04 @FoxNews That was acting numb nutz
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RT @d_foubert: 10. The measures will be administrative and preventive (for the future), so they will not have the character of a p…
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RT @nijhaerenee: rip ‘em off the roster he ain’t acting right boo
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Fantastic ending, and such brilliant acting from Lola, Jay and Lexi, well done Eastenders xx
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RT @comrademika: i respect an honest islamist far more than the closet cowards acting like allies who’re quiet about the Islamic lin…
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@Wordz3point0 @TalibanPRD_ @LibertyCappy You need to control your emotions because you are acting like a child. And…
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RT @dtakaki3: No one ever talks about being nice as a form of method acting
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@TheSteve_K It’s fine. People are acting like he’s a yokel. I think Kyle was a good GM but people acting like he s…
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cosplaying for Genloss and acting out the crying scenes are the easiest thing ever (I just think about how freaki…
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Lmao I lowkey love this.. my brain starts acting normal again and all be restored with the world
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Appreciate your acting dekh Lena kyuki app act Nehi kar rehe the. Yeah apki feeling thi oh janaki k through bahar a…
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RT @therealrukshan: Doherty institute acting like it’s some magical scientific research breakthrough 😂 ask any ethnic grandmother. Thes…
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RT @FarhadJarralPK: All the English medium sahaafis are acting as torchbearers of ‘Justice for Khadija Shah’ campaign because only an e…
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RT @AWorldOutOfMind: @RandyRRQuaid You played crazies in the movies. Sad to see that you were not acting.
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@KevinBriggs1776 @mattyglesias It is a soap opera, but the earnestness of the acting and atmosphere, and the billio…
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RT @MrLottaHoes: Being scared and acting like a bitch isn't the same thing You can be terrified by what's next, that doesn't mea…
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RT @FS_Yusuf_: 🔺🔺There seems to be a leadership tussle brewing in the NIS. The acting CGIS in the person of Wuraola Adepoju is d…
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