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When you're late for your doctor's appointment, it's no accident that they stick you 3 or 4 times while having bloodwork done. #comedy #joke
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imagine yoongi featuring on a track on jungkooks mixtape but the song was made on accident bc he visits genius lab…
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Accident, two lanes blocked in #Everett on I-5 NB approaching US-2, stopped traffic back to Lowell Rd, delay of 16 mins #traffic
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Road closed --- due to an accident in #LasVegas on Flamingo Rd EB between Spencer St #VegasTraffic
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Accident: SB on I-95 at MM58 in Chesterfield Co. Right shoulder closed.9:08PM
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Accident: SB on I-95 at MM58 in Chesterfield Co. Right shoulder closed.9:08PM
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RT @88nett: First time is an accident. Second time is an experiment. Third time is addiction. Credits to: fumerie's "Arbitrage"
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RT @jazzmyne_songs: Good morning everyone, here's my Friend Taiwo Adedeji, Taiwo is a trader in camel skin sale, he had an accident on…
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lmao i know mane smh .. my car accident set me bacck
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RT @artmccarrick: Meeke has had one big shunt in 2018. 4th in Monte, minor off in Sweden, did rally 2, withdrawn to save components.…
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@Flowers8809 The weather I make will be an accident of death. Sleep well 'SL-4 R/B' (other space junk that died just then).
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RT @SteelersKillerB: Y’all think AB is just the best WR in the world by accident? Nope, the man is a crazy workaholic and puts in the w…
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RT @kaillerina: nct’s unsolved mystery: did Taeil & Hermione have Taeyong by accident or he was planned?
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RT @sza: The guilt of letting down people that u Love is unreal . I’m connected to y’all like family . My actual energy exch…
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On this day 2 years ago, I was supposed to die in a terrible chase type accident, but God had other plans and I wal…
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RT @sincerelyisa: please RT: on may 1st, i was struck by a car crossing the street. i just found out that they will not be held respo…
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RT @nctconfess: #nctea ternyata ga cuma fansnya yg doyan halu idolnya juga doyan halu... I'm laughing hard because "tell me you ha…
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#RIP LTJG Nick Bradshaw, killed off the shore of California in a training accident on this day in !986. Naval Avi…
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Motor Vehicle Accident | Larmanda St / Abrams Rd | | EN55 | 370045 | 20:08 | C
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We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.💜✨
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