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RT @psychedeaky: me: nah that's it I'm not falling for another character again *watches diego's intro scene in the umbrella academ…
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RT @NIHRAcademy: Do you know a District or General Practice #Nurse who'd love to do a PhD someday? Tell them about our fully funded…
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acabei de ler um spoiler mt maneiro da white violin do umbrella academy aaaaaa
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Quiet here again today (@ Fundamental Movement Academy in Solihull, England)
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RT @inksoomissedit: [MISC] 190222 Kyungsoo was spotted at the cooking academy by OP’s friend today! 👨🏻‍🍳 ©️b_d_5612 #도경수 #디오 #DO (D.…
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@ainaadalila watch the umbrella academy!
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The fact that the Umbrella Academy comic was written by Gerard Way makes the whole story 10 times better
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RT @BoRhapMovie: It's a kind of magic.✨Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, watch Bohemian Rhapsody before the show!
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RT @joshlser: the umbrella academy without context
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RT @dyomongi: OP friend’s friend saw kyungsoo at his/her cooking academy today (22 feb) chef kyungsoo😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #디오 #도경수…
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RT @antiacademies: We need to continue campaigning to make sure that this 'well' runs completely dry. A policy increasingly being exp…
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honestly just need to talk about the umbrella academy so badly lmao i’m about to rewatch it soon already sksjksjs
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RT @BoRhapMovie: The #Oscars are almost upon us and we're hoping for something special. Watch the Academy Award nominated…
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Nederlandse film maakt kans op Europese prijs (rtlnieuws) De jeugdfilm Vechtmeisje is genom…
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I haven't finished Umbrella Academy yet (because I didn't want to finish it in one go) but apparently they filmed a…
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RT @Spooky_Sad: The umbrella academy really is out here serving representation and making me feel valid AF POC characters? LGBT+ c…
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@academy_manorc 👌💐😘
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Продолжим тур матчем #Спартак2007 — «Родина», который начнется с опозданием. 📺 Трансляция ▶
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RT @YesteryearFayre: Stan Laurel, film comedian, died on this day in 1965. Stan was born in Ulverston (which was then in Lancashire but…
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