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RT @obianuju: This is exactly how social media moguls are bringing upon nations, the silent genocide of abortion. Zuckerberg pro…
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RT @tashatamasha: not a day goes by where i don’t think about drunk ed sheeran at a bollywood party while abhishek bachchan yells at…
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RT @frog_kun: For those who want to learn more about Kyoto Animation's history and its unique work environment within the Japanes…
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RT @cbwolf97: Wow I felt bad about what happen at Kyoto Animation place I've seen one of the anime they made & it's awesome! To t…
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RT @TheTweetOfGod: In the beginning, I was bored and lonely and probably should have thought more about what I was doing.
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A fire at Kyoto Animation killed 33 people. Here's what to know about the deadly arson attack in Japan
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RT @khalilgarland3_: lmao i'm too old. idc about losing friends
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Also the way announcer ride the Dodgers dicks as a whole is gross! There is 29 other teams to talk about good or no…
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RT @PJMedia_com: The War Over America's Past Is Really About Its Future
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@BarackObama I so strongly feel that your voice important right now. I don’t know why you have been silent but this…
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@Matt_Rinker_ @Public_Citizen Nothing at all simple about that. Start by defining your terms. We’ll wait.
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@jasonbarbato @WarrenSmith @SdLandon @USLSanDiego I am still a fan of AFC San Diego. Sound too close to ASC San Di…
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I haven't heard anything more about the Emery brothers of Seattle. Something is being hidden from us. Will their cr…
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@shortyybopp Ohhhh we about to start binge watching !!!
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RT @actfortransit: Colorful/art crosswalks contribute to a "false sense of security" for drivers & pedestrians, says @USDOTFHWA. But…
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RT @gemini_hoon: Woojin: (talking about the game mode) when i’m (playing) alone, i play the story mode and when jihoon is around (we…
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@allenthird @notsleepy I’m more curious about defensive seo. I got awesome rankings. Now how do I keep them forever
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RT @EmmaKennedy: So in about a week, Boris Johnson is going to be the Prime Minister of the UK. I was at University with him. If…
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RT @Right_Angles: “Both nostalgic and forward looking, it covers some of the biggest issues facing the natural world” - this is a gre…
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