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"Winning the @RoyalAgUni ‘Grow It’ award is going to make such a difference to my business. It has given me the fun…
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RT @NorthernCobalt: At a recent Mining Conference, the bosses for both BHP and Rio showed interest in having more exposure to…
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아 섵님 틧보고 웃엇어 자존심상해
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RT @Sarasksss: Pm imran khan “I want to tell my people, I will live a simple life, I will save your money,” Khan said in his maid…
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did i really just get a new unit and a dupe with it? this game on crack?
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*゚ ねぇ、君は知ってる? この世界には63億人が住んでてね この全員と1秒会うとしても 100年以上かかるんだよ。 ってことはさ… 私たちが出会っていまこの瞬間 一緒に笑ってるのは なににもかえがたい 奇跡なんだよ。
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@Being_Arooj No it doesn’t. His name is dead. When she bears children with a rightful man he will be king and the c…
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For a while Greyworm ruled I can guess de tyranny n no bullshit reign #GoT
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RT @HrdzMarine: Ce film il m’a chamboulé, il est vraiment énorme
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RT @offl_Lawrence: Dear Friends and Fans..!I In this world, more than money and fame, self-respect is the most important attribute to…
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@DavidCormand @JLMelenchon 1979! Vous êtes obligé d'aller chercher très loin. Et oui, depuis 40 ans, jlm a su évolu…
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RT @aahsm_: A few reason why some people still single 1. Tawar hati 2. Malas nak kenal orang baru 3. Tired of love 4. Trust…
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RT @taeshok: então galera o próximo show é aqui e agora oq a gente faz ?
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@MBeeats Girl , I’m gona apply for a testing Job..they need me
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RT @Havenlust: Sunsets are a magical time. A time which I want to capture and share. This particular one reminded me of something…
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RT @fenomenbetting: Günün #Fenomen Kuponu ! ➡ 'a bekleriz #Fenomenkupon #fenomenbet
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@chedji @AndyKerrtv Yes,ive been watching them all season and i think they have been even worse under Zidane.Bale h…
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We have now started laying the foundations for Village Mews in West Kirby! Quality design and luxury finish will be…
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