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RT @taeteluv_: Some people who saw taehyung in spain said they saw an angel he is even more handsome in person than in pictures th…
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@Peakbinary These people will blow up your account the moment you pay them their share. Careless trading over lever…
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RT @SavedSoulsNFT: Chapter 2, Phase 1: Rally the Troops The search for the mythical compass is getting ready to take place.…
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RT @JoDivaRunner: @SussexHenryVIII Wasn’t it interesting, as Harry wrote in Spare, that William called right after Harry was trying t…
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@ffrey42 He will take over BBB’s almost entire electorate and take some more. But I don’t think he’ll get 25% as po…
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RT @BertrandRustles: Unbelievable to think they tried to take away the power of this song because he posted it in support of BLM then th…
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RT @JulieSnark: Apparently there are some people who still don’t know. Obama is a Kenyan born homosexual and is married to a man na…
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RT @Puff_Iya: Somebody hand me a rose toy and a plane ticket, I’ll take care of those forest fires mySELF
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@portalblackpink Can you take action @TeamYouTube @YouTube @ygent_official. Deplatform online personalities that ar…
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RT @shadow_twts: Spotify's Today's Top Hits #15 Take Two @BTS_twt
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@7Spideycomics Peter Parker Finna take a hit of that symbiote boof I guess
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RT @KiaSpeaks: You ever see a take so bad you’re like, “Why am I following this person,” and then realize you’re on the For You tab?
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RT @Pk_bts_land: Take Two Official Audio has surpassed 5 Million Views on Youtube and we Completeld our 1st week goal in 15 hours!…
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My youngest said she was bout to take a nap then she came back & told me to come take a nap wit her lol 🥹💙 it’s usu…
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RT @Pk_bts_land: Take Two* (4.78M) now becomes BTS biggest Audio Debut ever in its first day of release on YouTube , surpassing RUN…
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@FrunkToTrunk @CryptoB_K @DailyLoud Might as well take to the Autobahn (no speed limit)
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@takugayto I'll take it if that's what gets us a season 2 announcement.
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Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die I don't belong And my beloved neither do you
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ima take them somewhere next weekend, just US 💕💕 luv my gang
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Take them into your homes or send them home! that should be the caveat and THE LAW
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