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RT @iamlegacy23: I have noticed that @TampaPD hasn’t give an update on #JohnLarson case, which is very frustrating. The only post th…
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RT @hsfairryy: before listening after listening to harry’s house to harry’s house #HarryStyles #HarrysHouse
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RT @sammiejozie: After dropping off his wife with the car. While waiting, a very beautiful young girl parked her bike a few meters a…
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RT @DmytroKuleba: The people and the government of Poland have proven to be more than neighbors. Dear Poles, you are those whom Ukrai…
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RT @TheEuropeanLad: Zlatan Ibrahimovic smoking a cigar after winning the league with AC Milan.
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RT @TBradley23: BREAKING: Massimo Cellino has spontaneously combusted after Leeds United finished 17th wearing a purple kit. More as it follows. #lufc
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RT @Freeyourmindkid: ‘I’m not afraid’: after Buffalo racist attack, Black residents remain unbowed by terror
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RT @PRGuy17: Rupert Murdoch has been left red faced after funding a large-scale election campaign, corruptly disguised as 'news'…
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First time reading through #OnePiece and just finished up the Baratie Arc. Definitely the best so far. Sanji and Ze…
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RT @happilyariii: after listening to Harry’s House
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I'm sorry but the doors releasing an album called 'other voices' after their lead singer died was soooo funny
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god i hate this small period of time right after you've finished an artwork and you can't figure out whether you li…
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@GaryLineker I just don’t get it. You’ve just won the league after a great comeback and you decide to not celebrate…
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I don’t know why after a year of service both @nurxapp and @heyfavor_ both suck in communication and insurance veri…
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@Trey_Parker_ I had an idea for a South Park episode. How about after dying, Kenny is reborn as a girl?
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RT @john_ennis_btc: @Jaco_van_Wyk @10x_er No good reason to quit. Just don’t drink coffee after noon so sleep isn’t impacted
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RT @MikeLUHG2: He's such a bullshitter it's unreal. We didn't press when Ronaldo wasn't playing, he give up on his own tactics a…
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RT @Football__Tweet: ✍️ Kylian Mbappé signing a new 3-year contract at PSG: 👉 €300M signing bonus 👉 €100M a year salary AFTER tax 👉 He…
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RT @karma_is_a_b_: @jrrosswrites @wisgop @RonJohnsonWI Has anybody gotten to the bottom of Johnson's role in the "Green Bay Sweep"? Hi…
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@DiggersOfNews Apology doesn't come in at the hight of investigations and court proceedings. Apologising now won't…
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