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RT @charliekirk11: I’m proud of our national history I’m proud we defeated the British I’m proud of the Constitution I’m proud of…
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RT @sorryimnotsrry: I.M 2023 CHEERING KIT - 주접슬로건♡ #rt 1분께 주접슬로건 드려요!!! 이 슬로건을 구매하면 좋은 점 1. 보다 저렴한 가격!! 2. 아내어필가능!! 3. 유행 따라잡기 가능!! 4…
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RT @blackpinkbdfb: JISOO won the YouTube K-pop category in May ❤️‍🔥 "Despite its release in March, #FLOWER became the MOST viewed K-p…
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@tatertotsmcgee I’ve self diagnosed and haven’t felt the need for verification as of yet. I don’t need services, as…
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RT @Ghostinthereal: エアガンカスタム参考画像 実銃の写真をエアガンカスタム用の資料としてみています Airsoft custom image I'm looking at real gun photos…
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RT @GodisforReal1: Every time I don't know how I'm gonna do something... God shows up.
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@A_Anderson3_3 @nurse_palmer @susannareid100 I am not quoting the press. I'm replying to the claptrap you have rea…
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RT @Natty3_reloaded: Her : I know life is tough, but I'm not yet 25 years old, not even next year! Her:😭😭😂
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RT @menggelembungg: I just found this video 😭😭 I'm sorry but I just know I'll never take this Vegas and this Kinn seriously 😂😂
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@SovanJedi I am jacking this. But follow me if you would so you can see the amazing Silent Hill video I'm working on. Please.
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RT @stufflistings: Today, I'm giving away the newly launched #GalaxyF54 5G to the #stufflistingsarmy 😍 To win: 1. Like this tweet 2. R…
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RT @kdramatreats: why do i get the enthusiasm to watch k-dramas when i'm under academic pressure and full of workloads but when i hav…
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... AITA Reddit threads, nonstop drama in creative couples, Sarah’s riveting essay “I’m glad my husband is not a wr…
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RT @MoeOCMs: @DailyLoud If it ain’t Johnny Depp I’m sorry but no one’s watching
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RT @zk_brain: Markets are down but I’m buying AI art all this week! 🖼️ 👇 #AIart #NFTCommunity
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Hey guys I’m selling my red zone tickets for hslot REGGIO EMILIA 22/07 Harry Styles Love on Tour Europe tickets It…
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RT @bearooms: 👤: beomgyu, what do you eat to be this pretty?! 🧸: 😆🤭 his reaction?? OMG I'M IN LOVE
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@_fieryphoenix Ah you are free!! How nice, please enjoy 💕💕 I’m “working” from home today so nice and comfy in my bed 😂😂
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@VladSoriano I'm in the process of buying a Caterpillar backhoe. part of my offline business
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