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@johnrevill7 Definitely Bob...and I rather like the cut of the gib of that 10th Dr Who fella...David Tennant. Joe…
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RT @telesurenglish: U.S. President Joe Biden approved a plan to redeploy U.S. troops to the eastern African country of Somalia to count…
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Joe Biden MOCKED As A Silly Fool Over Nickname He Gave Trump… It’s So Bad via @YouTube
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@he11fireclub @josephsquinns Joe is worth all the viruses in the world
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RT @MarshaBlackburn: Joe Biden just broke another record — 234,088 illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border in April.
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Can you say Hunter Biden Laptop. Where's NBC news, CNN, MSNBC etc. Joe Biden's epic Failures, silence from the left media.
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I’ve seen people fail before. But never at the level of Joe Biden. Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden 'apparently' found res…
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@ramyalan1 @joe_selva1 Takunu patadhum archana aunty mari erunduchu hansika va pakka
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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: The White House fires back at Jeff Bezos for attacking Biden's spending, saying that it's not hard "to fi…
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RT @alexbruesewitz: Tomorrow Geriatric Joe Biden is going to Buffalo to spread lies and sow further division in our nation. He will fa…
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My college graduation speaker was some Delaware Senator named Joe Biden. Whatever happened to him?
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FINALLY!!!! I stopped counting around 100 DAs but after nearly a year of on and off hunting Shiny Necrozma is mine!…
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RT @ProudSocialist: Joe Biden just deployed troops to invade Somalia. Fuck this warmongering president and the Democrats who enable him. #NoMoreWars
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RT @GunnelsWarren: Jeff Bezos: I need $10 billion to fly to the moon Feds: Approved War Profiteers: $813 billion ain't enough Feds: C…
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RT @TWHS_boysvball: Congrats to our guys who got recognized for their play this year: All-OCC Joe Kolwicz, 1st team, POY Bo O’Leary, 1…
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RT @ACTBrigitte: Joe Biden is the WORST President in our nation's storied history.
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I won't be taking ANY shit for being an Avatar stan when Disney seem to be populating every corner of the Star Wars…
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Just turn off Joe Biden’s teleprompter
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RT @bennyjohnson: As Joe Biden arrives in Buffalo to distort tragedy for cold political gain, it's worth remembering the scourge of l…
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(VIDEO) WTH: Newsmax Cuts Out Kari Lake Saying “Joe Biden, An Illegitimate President” - Dinesh D'Souza: "Newsmax Is…
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