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RT @gospelfilmsng: ‘Is Tolulope Gbenro’s wife?’ – Reactions as Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye gets featured in Abattoir Season 4
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RT @crossdabossike: This celebrity thing sweet ooo 😂😂. I Dey circa with my friend Dey chop . A man with his wife saw me and said hi. Wh…
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RT @Fabulous_Samus: “But Reaper has a wife” and she remarried didn’t she? 💀
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RT @greg_price11: The Biden administration sent 30 FBI agents to Mark Houck's house and arrested him in front of his wife and seven c…
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RT @DrAseemMalhotra: One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met was @RWMaloneMD and his equally brilliant wife Jill this weekend i…
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RT @thederekminor: My wife said that introverts have to plan their conversations in advance…. Is this true?!?!?!!!!!!
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Happy Catholic Schools Week!!! Growing up a Protestant, I never thought I would be as impacted as I am. My wife is…
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“wife” “husband” ugly ugly words
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@TechCapo theres an unintended consequence of mapping software that it renders the cardinal directions superfluous…
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@Grace_undiluted @yabaleftonline Lol jes like julius agwus wife. Wen he was sick she told him to call all his side…
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RT @greg_price11: The Biden administration sent 30 FBI agents to Mark Houck's house and arrested him in front of his wife and seven c…
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@natsumi_prsm なっちゃんの膝枕待機しときます😶‍🌫️
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@KnobSlobberz Oh, if you were my wife, I would satisfy you with tenderness, love and romance
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RT @ayeesha_j: My KhoYemi People🥹🥹🥹vote for your wife! 🙊🙊 Her man won’t want to see her leave! Abeg ehnnnn VOTE KHOSI! #BBTitans
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RT @carolvorders: ANYONE in Tory party defending Sunak & his "fair process" is basically happy for someone to hide in offshore trusts…
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@PatMcAfeeShow @OfficialAJHawk $johnperesie I’m forever grateful for my wife and the amount of care and effort she…
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RT @uheeuhaha: Bobby hull held his 2nd wife over the edge of a balcony. In 1976, he threatened her w a shotgun. In 1986, he was ar…
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RT @Parody_PM: I hope everyone will now understand that I will not tolerate tax avoidance by anyone other than my wife.
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@J_TheCynic You are defending a nazi who best his wife for what reason exactly?
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