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RT @sammyguevara: From making cardboard belts, to flipping burgers, to everything in between to get here. It’s a wild life and I stru…
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7060346😌😒close his life #看我简介
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RT @archivedkdh: dahyun, the love of my life
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RT @DRESPITFACTS: so far in my 20s, the best lesson i ever learned was that life will go on. People come and go, we lose friends, bre…
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RT @justgoodshit07: Joe Alwyn never used his relationship with Taylor to become famous,Loved her at her worst, literally brought her ba…
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RT @bgarlinghouse: It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US – I woke up today reflecting about / feeling appreciation for all that this cou…
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@hope_terror I have smoked weed for most of my life and I have never seen or done that ever
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RT @zaynmalik: I would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported me throughout this amazing journey, especially to my f…
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RT @EpochInspired: Danish Royal Life Guards escort duck family out of Queen's residence These guards very politely escorted the duck f…
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RT @Bornakang: Bro risked everybody’s life because he wanted fresh air
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RT @Resident_bio: Jill Valentine. Born in 1974, her intellect, survival instincts, and adaptability have proven to be enough to get h…
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@SpotifySwiftie Have the time of your life, king! ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨🤩
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RT @Subhi_Shrma1: #কবীর_পরমেশ্বরের_চমৎকার Sikandar Lodhi cut ✂️ of Ramanand's head with his sword . Supreme God Kabir Restored Swami…
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Scenes! I am watching with Kenny, an Evertonian all his life who turned 85 yesterday. So pleased for all the Blues…
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RT @TrollFootball: Al-Nassr president after bottling the league title: "I have been scammed only 2 times in my life. First was when…
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thats why it fuck u up, 2 lazy to fill some juice. jst a starter kit. my auntie left a corona by me when i was like…
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RT @feyiszn: This time next year, I hope for myself to be in a completely different place in all aspects of my life.
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RT @Emzyl_: They'll definitely Keep Kane, Zero chance he leaves. Kane doesn't even want to leave when he could get generational…
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RT @Rollitupk: Stop beating yourself up about it. Accept your mistakes and keep moving cause life not Finna pause for you.
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@MPelletierCIO @scotiabank Absolutely horrendous to hear about these stories with bank owned life policies.
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