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RT @bariswheel: @TheGlobal_Index @stats_feed Rich country Saudi Arabia so far down the list. Why ?
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@zugrusina finto sorriso stampato… per non far vedere agli altri .. come sono dentro !!!
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@DrDatta01 This dress looks far better then dressing like cross gender that your kids wearing in school . Stop usin…
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RT @NazaGrace: It’s that time of the year again🥰 Father Lord, I thank you for how you have brought me thus far 😩May your name be h…
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Descend along all, action speaks far louder than your past. It's not OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_…
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@Fahad38158546 2026 seems to even be far Team MK forever
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@guardian I can't believe how far The Guardian has fallen these last 25 years. From the one paper we could trust to…
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@bigredclearsog Asking a simple question is far from being political, but I’m sure you can choose to make it political can’t you?!🤦🏻‍♂️
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RT @DIG__NFT: Gm all! Lovely start to the day waking up to see this ❤️💎 So far we have minted a total of 2370/2750 (inc 500 CW)…
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@Anbico1 The devs who made those didn't mention their reasons to me, as far as I recall, though this kind of restri…
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RT @Niall_Boylan: Why is normal weather news “Ireland to record hottest day of the year so far this week”. Of course it’s getting war…
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RT @Boss_Michael49: @TJF_1000 3 years ago we were... Far Right. Today we are... Right So Far !!!
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@dbaDonald Some people knows far more than me..
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RT @MisssMelina: Home is where the heart is @Arsenal ❤️🤍 after an 8 hour flight from Toronto ended the season with an incredible 5-0…
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Io credetemi di istinto vorrei togliere il segui a entrambi ma non perché io mi aspettassi qualcosa da loro o sono…
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RT @Feargal_Sharkey: Now there's a horrifying bit of maths. We, the tax payer, sold it for £6.1bn and so far water companies have "extr…
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Questo ci fa capire che noi sappiamo solo ciò che loro vogliono far sapere. Oriana in qst è stata più furba L ha te…
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RT @fckutwt69: if there ever was a person who whined about how ‘far’ feminism has gone in india, i would make them watch this vide…
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@SamWhyte Also, see the house on the far left of the photo? That's where I lived.
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