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RT @kemimarie: I hate to be harsh, but I don't like the words "I'm sorry." it stirs absolutely nothing in me. probably an unpopula…
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RT @IMxSMEK: I.M NEW EP ‘OVERDRIVE’ CONCEPT PHOTO #2 🛞 2023.06.23 1PM (KST) #IM #아이엠 #OVERDRIVE #Blame #Dumb #Habit #More…
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RT @EdinUniAFAF: We are very sorry to announce that our screening and discussion of Adult Human Female is now postponed until the au…
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@abrokencompasss @minsorders hey! sorry i didnt see this tweet. i ended up meeting her in person to get my stuff :/
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RT @wonboolens: snsd taeyeon posted an ig story mentioning seungkwan! 👑 things were so hectic during the concert day that i didn’t…
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RT @rodneyote: 2024 Republican Debate Donald Trump : "Ron DeFaggot" Ron DeSantis : "The fact that you're resorting to these atta…
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i'm eating him whole sorry
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@iqzyyy Sorry got no time
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RT @Burrrnt: OP privated their account I am SO SORRY IF ITS BECAUSE OF THE ART, here’s the video tho
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आज थोड़ी ज्यादा busy होने के कारण मैं ट्वीटर अभियान में participate नहीं कर सकी...😐 Sorry Guy's but next time दोगु…
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@swiftShrimpOt7 Oops. I knew u would see it eventually but uh um idk what to say except sorry 😭
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RT @lilmisstbanger_: The story of why I chose @Thabangkmazi hopefully it’s a good blend of light and sentimental… 🩶 Sorry it’s so long…
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RT @supertanskiii: Tory MP Bob Stewart has been charged with racially aggravated abuse. His response? "I’m sorry if people thought I w…
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RT @ungodlywests: i’m sorry i see why jonah was always saying he was drowning like omg
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RT @itsm3jinkyyy: Concert day lagay ko lang ulit ito here sorry sa ingay. Haha maingay talaga ako + yung katabi ko. #AnggeG…
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RT @KennyL_UwU: 🧵  - bienvenidos a mi mini hilo de como hacer musica! ⚪: siento que es momento de enseñar lo que aprendi durante m…
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Sorry self, been so hard to u lately. Stop crying na okay?
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@WalterW79944073 Hi There, we're sorry if you feel that way. This is not the kind of experience that we want you to…
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@U_Kno_My_Name Sorry for all the losses bro. First half is done. Just pray for a better second half 🙏🏾
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RT @SanaZagham: Khan sb We are sorry that you are facing lots of problems just because our freedom, We respect your courageous🙏❤️…
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