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RT @MatthewMtucker: A huge congratulations to Penallta Youth today. @PenalltaRugby1 another stadium visit. #penalltalovecuprugby well d…
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RT @layanglicana: "Matilda told such Dreadful Lies, It made one Gasp and Stretch one’s Eyes; Her Aunt, who, from her Earliest Youth,…
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RT @350EastAsia: #ClimateStrike in the #Philippines: The youth are stepping up and telling our leaders to take their future seriousl…
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just enjoyin another saturday night of my Youth,, trawling thru the no context tom and jerry twitter account
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RT @Caspar_Lee: Like many others, my girlfriend Ambar was too young to vote in the referendum but she’d be able to vote now. Brexit…
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RT @SaraPatterson16: No one: Youth Pastor: can I get 2 guys & 2 girls for the next game??👀🤪🥳 ok chug a SMOOTHIE😋😅 with HOT SAUCE 😈🥴and S…
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RT @FCBarcelona: Johan Cruyff: A legacy to be remembered 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça
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RT @kaylenciaga: Ladies. Whatever you do, please make sure you're eating your youth. Nge teaspoon futhi. Enjoy life. Please.
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RT @yourrightscamp: THE YOUTH. So happy to learn with y’all! #KnowYourRightsCamp 📸@foot_candles
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i’m writing my research essay for class on how lgbtq youth are more prone to mental health issues and when i gave m…
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RT @eyeIish: it’s ok to be white. it’s ok to be black. it's ok to be asian. it’s ok to be female. it’s ok to be male. it’s ok to…
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RT @IlhanMN: Our homeless issues is a #publichealth crisis! This year we’ll spend around $700 billion on the military. With…
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RT @SaraPatterson16: No one: Youth Pastor: can I get 2 guys & 2 girls for the next game??👀🤪🥳 ok chug a SMOOTHIE😋😅 with HOT SAUCE 😈🥴and S…
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Saw CLIMAX, the new film by #gasparnoé, director of Irreversible, Enter the Void & Love. It’s his surreal masterpie…
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RT @francesbarber13: I fought all my youth for women’s rights for some self ID to call me cis? I don’t think so. I am Woman .
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RT @jiminepower: jiwon do hello my twenties (age of youth) e hoseok se encontrando sabendo que são a versão um do outro
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RT @Nass: I've been thinking of a way to help the youth of #Nigeria. Therefore, I will dedicate 1 tweet monthly for 1 startup…
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Sorry to inform all the protesters in London today but the EU are insisting that all member states put forward thei…
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