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@GolfweekJLu Tours: these guys only care about the money. Here’s more money, we just found it.
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Here is our lovely senior staff nurse Charmaine. Employee of the month for June. Well done! #teamaec #uhnm…
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RT @abhira_diaries: This one, the way they’re looking at each other😭❤️ @ChopdaHarshad #Pranalirathod #Yrkkh #AbhiRa
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RT @phanypaxk: The film vs The shots
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RT @_niyeeei: Insulting someones laugh or smile is really irritating, why you tackling them on the way they express joy???
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RT @Postpone_ug_pg: #UPDATE MEGA PROTEST TODAY EVENING AT NOIDA UTTRA PRADESH OUTSIDE ZEE News office Come and be the part of protest…
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@canadavisa_com with the rise of fascism in America, when will you start considering queer/poc/women for refugee status?
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RT @itsbtszone: i want each and every one of us to make this day all about jung hoseok and jung hoseok only. let's shower him with…
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RT @TheSignOfFive: An important reminder : the people who’re being hacked to death across India are ordinary, non-influential, middle…
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RT @HenryJKraven: @business And some will say, "Well, let them have Ukraine then!" The reason being, some have no working knowledge o…
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RT @namaewariki: 🐈‍⬛️ the cb show teaser was uploaded. that part when i said "do you know who i am?" @ENHYPEN_members @ENHYPEN
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RT @filmfare: Stunner in Black! ✨ Loving the monochrome look on #ShehnaazGill, looking as gorgeous as ever. ❤️
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RT @endpoembot: and the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. and the player began a new dream. and the player dream…
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RT @davidhogg111: Fight like hell to elect the best candidate possible in primaries and then vote blue no matter who in the general.
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RT @RBReich: Republicans have no interest in preserving freedom. What they want to preserve is power — the power to impose their…
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RT @Prakash_7351: The welfare month begins 😍😍 22 days to go for Thalaivan Birthday 🤗 #Suriya41 #EtharkkumThunindhavan…
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RT @livelikepotter: finally, a product that empowers morena women by hyping up their morena glow instead of forcing the ideation of whi…
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Muscles do hopeful for the ؟? نمشے 🔹H70🔹 🔹H70🔹 🔹H70🔹
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RT @translatingTXT: a hybe variety show has been filmed! it will the hybe version of tvn’s ‘15 nights on a business trip’ with lee hyun…
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