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RT @MarilynLouise5: I just added #teamtrudeau to my profile under my photo. This is what the Liberal Party is using in their emails to…
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RT @daniela_florezz: Slide in my DM’s you might be the loml
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RT @MotivatedLiving: Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up.
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i got caught out in the rain!
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RT @GauravPandhi: Terror accused freed under the BJP Govt. Divided by religion, United by terror!
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I hate the jaguar when they talk
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@DrJenGunter Wondering about how the med school student you would react to current you telling her this is the advi…
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RT @RWPUSA: Trump says food stamp money for hurricane victims is “excessive and unnecessary” at the same time as former defense…
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RT @LovelyKrissy__: When I shutdown I SHUT ALL THE WAY DOWN. No I don’t want to talk. No I don’t want to be bothered. No I don’t want t…
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They coulda made a record out of these that's more interesting than at least 3, maybe 4, of the Actual Records they…
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RT @PeteButtigieg: When a president (who faked a disability in order to avoid serving) attacks a departed war hero, it’s for attention…
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RT @SketchesbyBoze: it’s twenty-nineteen and we’re cancelling the toxic culture of fake toughness and repressed emotions. we’re listeni…
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RT @GavinFree: Finally out of limbo. I never thought a small green piece of plastic could come with such happiness and relief. Law…
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RT @DVATW: Pakistani boy stabs his teacher for insulting Islam, and calmly says “it’s a good thing” when he hears the teacher…
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It hurts to breathe and obviously I didn’t buy any of the right cold medicine to help myself. #fail #sickdays
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RT @intro_suz: Me in the middle of a concert realising that I'm actually THERE there
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RT @niixc: The women of #TheMagicians continue to bring it on and have no problem calling anyone out and I loves it.
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RT @kashdoll: Can u please stop tweeting me and go to register 2 u see the 1st line long as hell 🤔
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Ok people....Can Trump prevent the 2020 election? What are the possibilities Trump will be Dictator and rule until death?
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