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I’ll be adding crying over LiS2 Episode 4 to my list of what I’m totally invested in and what’s taking over my life…
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RT @Galsenfootsn: Primes des Lions ⚽️ / Lionnes 🏀 Le cri du cœur de Al Seyni Ndiaye, capitaine de l’équipe nationale de Beach Soccer…
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@destroymuse blue lions
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@GoldCoastSUNS Well done Rischa! Loved you from the Lions. 🦁☀️ #ThanksRischa
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RT @ghaaast: On the final chapter of Blue Lions... and all i can say is... NAGA DAMN THAT IS HORRIFYING
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Tanner: why do we have cat cafes now? The only way I’d go to one of those is if they had like baby lions, tigers, o…
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RT @twentyfourlions: Lions are extinct in 26 African countries. Our goal is to keep Mozambique from being added to that list. Join us in our journey.
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RT @tozzeh: Finished it! The Feral Leader of the Blue Lions, Dimitri! God, do I love his post-timeskip design. Boy's been throu…
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RT @G_Rodriguez27: Our lord and savior Seven Lions 🙏🏽😂
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RT @kamalounzidlak: Des lions tchétchène
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RT @football_wrss: Thank you BC Lions & Good Luck tomorrow to all Titan athletes as they compete in the Punt, Pass & Kick Competition…
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RT @muffindahl: Seven lions really be making my nipples hard sometimes
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Giants 20 - 42 Cardinals A devastating loss and a devastating injury as we lose Barkley for the season. We fall t…
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i stole all of the black eagles into my blue lions house hehe.... leaving golden deer except for lysithea bc i don’…
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i act/my facial expressions.’ Lions:
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RT @brownsugaluna: seven lions hits differently when your in love with someone & that person doesn’t feel the same so you wish them the best
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RT @myth_vs_facts: This is what lions look like in the rain.
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RT @SeaWorldTexas: Typical #SundayFunday! Stop by Pacific Point to check out these adorable baby sea lions 😍
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RT @BlooVII: Started blue lions route, Dimitri kinda got some heat
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RT @LPUManila: SALPUKAN SA SAN JUAN | Marami mang nabago sa parehong kupunan, ngunit tiyak pa din ang mainit na salpukan. Tutukan…
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