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@wizardsofdrivel I have the vaguest of memories of (maybe) Muggleton getting sent off vs (maybe) West Brom and Just…
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@TimSYoung Ha ha ha my family is getting annoyed with me recommending movies about writers. But I'll put it on the list!
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@bubutaeyong Seems like he's never getting old 😭😭
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I'm getting my Patty Melt with #CurlyFries. Patty deserves it she's been sideless for TOO LONG.
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RT @FrogskinU: Must read 100 #great Ways to #save #money #moneysmart. Number 6 is our fav! #30dayrule
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So Is #DripOrDrown2 Good Or Not? 🤔 Getting Too Many Mixed Reviews
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This whole video from @hoopvision68 is so good. Loved the point he made about RJ. Can accuse him of tunnel vision i…
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RT @TigersPrincipal: These fabulous Erie singers are getting ready to take the Erie music scene by #StVrainStorm @SVVSDsupt
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RT @LisaMei62: His fake noose hoax, highlighted with faux indignation on the Senate floor by Booker & Harris, succeeded in getting…
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RT @pelisahh: i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
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RT @elier_soto06: Fuck trump and fuck everyone who supports him. My dude is still in work clothes and is still getting tooken away fr…
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@realamymholmes @PlanetTyrus I didn’t know he was this funny. There’s a Jobby job on SNL in your future. There he…
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RT @mrdanwalker: Thank you to everyone involved in this remarkable story. For sharing it, talking about it and turning up. The next…
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isn’t it kinda sad how fast the weekends come nowadays??? like yay it’s the weekend again, but the days go by so mu…
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RT @WBA: Fancy getting your hands on @JacobMurphy95's match-worn signed shirt from Tuesday's win at @QPR? 👀 Simply RT this…
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so onto affording spring break in a week and somehow getting myself ready for it 😅😅
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#InPICS DICTS checking quality of service and getting feedback from users.
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If UNC fans cared just as much about getting a degree as they do for beating Duke the world would be a better place 🤷🏻‍♂️
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RT @saviaivas: @HBCUfessions He shrugged it off because y’all friendship is solid and he believes you , it doesn’t mean he isn’t g…
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